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Yukitsuri The Strange Structures That Have Been Saving Japans Tree Branches For Hundreds Of Years Photos

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Yukitsuri: The Strange Structures That Have Been Saving Japan’s Tree Branches for Hundreds of Years (PHOTOS)
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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel
While these ropes support the branches all winter, many gardeners have found ways to make the structures a pleasant sight. Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, decorates the protective yukitsuri with rope lights and golden ornaments similar .

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The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel
Exploring The Massive Footprints Of India’s Ancient Volcanoes23:30 EDT, Thu., 14 Jun 2018Volcanoes are rarely in the news in India. However, here are some cool volcanic formations you can see, right here in our country! A Scuba Diver’s Guide To The  .

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