Atomically precise models improve understanding of fuel cells

Simulations from researchers in Japan provide new insights into the reactions occurring in solid-oxide fuel cells by using realistic atomic-scale models of the active site at the electrode based on microscope observations as the starting point. Read more.

This jellyfish makes glowing proteins previously unknown to science

The team wasn't looking for jellies, but Shaner'an optical probe developer at the University of California, San Diego'collected the animal anyway. 'Just on a whim, we said, 'Well, it's kind of blue, let's take it home,' he says. Read more.

Cardi B’s Latest Instagram Photo Shows Off Ample Booty In Skintight Outfit

Rapper Cardi B just uploaded a new photo to Instagram from an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she showed off her ample booty in a skintight outfit, leaving little to the imagination as she kissed husband Offset, Read more.