Inspired by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, India’s startup space sector is set for lift-off

Space is emerging as a viable commercial field as costs have dropped significantly and satellites are finding many more applications. Indian entrepreneurs are readying to take a bite of the $330 billion global space market pie. Read more.

Coffee really does make you go and the science shows

Publisher: Reference: ' In case you are keeping track: ' Let Go of Your Grudges, They're Doing You No Good One of my favorite party games is to ask a group of people this simple question: What is your oldest or most cherished grudge? Read more.

Apollo 10 Gave NASA The Chutzpah To Meet JFK’s Lunar Challenge

The Apollo 10 command module is seen from the lunar module (LM) after separation in lunar orbit. On May 22, 1969, Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan boarded the LM which they had named "Snoopy," after the Peanuts comic strip character. Read more.