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Despite Increased Covid Vaccination Efforts Michigan Seeing Cases Rise At Disturbing Rate

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Breakthrough COVID cases can still occur despite vaccination, lack of symptoms, UDOH explains
on 01st of Dec 2021 What does LeBron James and the author of this article have in common? Practically nothing. Whereas the NBA superstar and global icon is a celebrated and accomplished athlete with a trophy

Teen vaccination rates lag in most Massachusetts towns hit hardest by coronavirus: report
(since Nov, 2021) Vaccination rates among teenagers are lagging in the same cities and towns that have suffered the most amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new report by equity advocates reveals, renewing calls for

114 million Covid vaccines secured by the Government for future booster campaigns
Dec 02nd, 2021 00:53 UTC Contracts have been signed for two mRNA vaccines by ministers that will cover booster drives for the next two years

What you can expect when vaccines become available for kids under 5
Dec 02nd, 2021 07:00 UTC Parents of children under 5 have to wait a little bit longer before COVID vaccines are available. In the meantime pediatricians are still working to increase vaccinations in the 5-11 age group.

Omicron and delta spell return of unpopular COVID restrictions
Dec 02nd, 2021 05:30 UTC Greeks who are over age 60 and refuse coronavirus vaccinations could be hit with monthly fines of more than one-quarter of their pensions — a get-tough policy that the country’s

Covid cases fell in EVERY age group in England last week and in all regions except London
Dec 02nd, 2021 08:05 UTC The UK is poised to start administering Covid vaccines to primary school children . It was the first time the amount of positive tests increased week-on-week since last Friday, despite eight new

NY COVID testing up 42% from last fall. What to know: Test sites, home kits, vaccine rules
(since Nov, 2021) NY’s COVID test count this fall spiked more than 4 million from a year ago. Rising demand comes as authorities brace for a winter surge. What to know

Live updates: France to allow limited flights from Africa
on 01st of Dec 2021 Greek lawmakers have approved legislation making vaccination for COVID-19 mandatory for all people aged over 60 living in the country on pain of a monthly fine, to deal with an infection surge and the

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