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Donald Trump Rnc Night 4 Speech Transcript

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Texts show Kimberly Guilfoyle bragged about raising millions for rally that fueled Capitol riot
(since Nov, 2021) Katrina Pierson, the White House liaison to the event, Guilfoyle detailed her fundraising efforts and supported a push to get far-right speakers on the stage alongside Trump for the rally, which

‘This Smacks of Something Gone Awry’: A True Tale of Absentee Vote Fraud
(since Nov, 2021) In North Carolina, a few hundred fraudulent ballots changed the outcome of a race. It had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Roger Stone, GOP leaders attack party, Lankford during Senate campaign rally
(since Nov, 2021) Oklahoma GOP Chair John Bennett said these “Republicans in Name Only” had fought to steal the election from former President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Joe Biden last November.

‘Ingraham Angle’ on liberals abandoning principles they once held dear
(since Nov, 2021) Ingraham Angle’ welcomed guests J.D. Vance, William Kelly, Harmeet Dhillon, Stephen Miller, Raymond Arroyo and John Kennedy.

White House may escalate attacks on corporations over inflation
(since Nov, 2021) Several outside advisers have pitched senior White House officials — including White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and White House National Economic Council Director Brian D

‘Ingraham Angle’ decodes Obama’s climate speech
(since Nov, 2021) Ingraham Angle’ welcomed guests Ted Cruz, Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, Raymond Arroyo and Jack Brewer.

Today’s Premium Stories
(since Nov, 2021) Reducing news to hard lines and side-taking leaves a lot of the story untold. Progress comes from challenging what we hear and considering different views.

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