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Pennsylvania Remains One Of Best States For Spotting Ufos And Is Booming

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Possible human remains found behind central Pa. Target
(Jun 2021) Police in Lancaster County are investigating the discovery of possible human remains behind a department store. The discovery was made just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday to the rear of the Target store

Pa. House advances bill on handling fetal remains, one the governor says he’ll veto
(Jun 2021) Supporters said the measure would give a couple who has lost a child options that may help them grieve, while opponents called the proposal governmental overreach into private family matters.

Human remains found in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County
(Jun 2021) Police in Lancaster County are investigating after possible human remains were discovered Wednesday morning. East Lampeter Township police said the possible remains were found in a grassy area behind

Pa. Acting Health Secretary gives update on state’s vaccination rates
on 16th of Jun 2021 On June 28, the state will lift its masking order, but Department of Health Acting Secretary, Alison Beam says it’s too soon to tell if the state will reach

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