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Nasa Extends Exploration For Two Planetary Science Missions

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Report calls for revamped cost-conscious vision for Mars exploration
(Feb 2021) With NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover set to begin its multiyear mission to collect rocks and soil for future retrieval, planetary scientists are concerned other Mars research goals could suffer during

NASA backs concepts for deep-drilling Mars rover and interstellar
(Feb 2021) The latest crop of NASA-backed concepts for far-out space exploration includes Martian “borebots” and a nuclear-powered probe to intercept interstellar objects.

University Astrobiologist Named Planetary Protection Officer at NASA
(Feb 2021) Provost Professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, has been named the planetary protection officer at NASA. The position is responsible

Farming on asteroids: Science future, not science fiction
(Feb 2021) It’s a pie-in-the-sky kind of idea,” remarked Fieber-Beyer, when asked about the practical application of farming asteroids. “But the end vision is to create pit stops for food throughout space. “I

How NASA’s Perseverance rover will send Martian rocks back to Earth
(Feb 2021) NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully pulled off its hazardous landing on the surface of Mars — but more unprecedented challenges lie ahead. A decade from now, in 2031,

NASA’s first-ever Spanish language broadcast for a planetary landing
(Feb 2021) Host Carol Hills speaks to NASA aerospace engineer Diana Trujillo, who worked both on the robotic arm of the Perseverance rover and hosted the broadcast.

How NASA’s Perseverance rover will send Martian rocks back to Earth for the first time ever
(Feb 2021) Never before have humans brought a piece of another planet back to Earth. “If it sounds complicated, it is,” a top NASA scientist said. “If it sounds extreme, it most certainly is.”

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