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Jupiter New Moons

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The moon will visit Saturn and Jupiter this week in skywatching doubleheader
(Sep 2021) It’s an excellent week to go skywatching as the moon creeps up to the two largest planets in our solar system. On Thursday (Sept. 16), it will be the turn of what many consider to be the most

u local Hotshot: Harvest Moon and Jupiter
(Sep 2021) This u local New Hampshire member shared this awesome photo of the recent Harvest Moon along with Jupiter in the same frame.

Don’t Miss the Harvest/GRAIL Moon + Other Notable Celestial Events
(Sep 2021) The Next Full Moon is the Harvest Moon; the Fruit or Barley Moon; the Corn Moon; the start of the Sukkoth Holiday; the Mid-Autumn, Mooncake, or Reunion Festival Moon; the Chuseok Festival Moon; Imo

New research finds first clear detection of circumplanetary disk surrounding an exoplanet
(Sep 2021) In recently published research using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers announced that

The Full Moon, Venus, Jupiter: What’s In The Skies For Disney, Bank Of America Stocks?
(Sep 2021) The next full moon will take place on Sept. 20 and after the sun sets, Venus will be the brightest planet shining 7 degrees above the west-southwest horizon. Jupiter will

Space – Full Moon Guide: September – October 2021 – NASA Solar System Exploration
(Sep 2021) Latest financial technology news, fintech news, fin tech news, open banking news​, banking news, blogs opinion, analysis on Fintech Zoom.

Watching the Skies: Nearly full moon passes Jupiter, Saturn
(Sep 2021) The nearly full moon will pass by two planets this week. Jupiter and Saturn are close to each other in the evening sky, and the waxing moon will gradually move below the two through the week. It will

Harvest Moon 2021: When and how to see September’s full moon
(Sep 2021) The full moon of September 2021 also carries the title of the Harvest Moon for those living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Last full moon of summer rises just before first day of fall. When to see the September harvest moon. | 2021 fall foliage map and more
(Sep 2021) Everything to know about the September harvest moon, 2021 fall foliage map, the next eclipse and fall meteor showers.

September 2021’s Full Moon In Pisces Sets the Stage for Magical Breakthroughs
(Sep 2021) This watery, mystical full moon boosts intuition, magnifies spiritual growth, and might even bring lots of luck.

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