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Canada Alberta Sign Deal For 13b Hydrogen Plant In Edmonton

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Alberta renews federal funding for child care, has yet to sign up for Ottawa’s subsidy plan
on 23rd of Jul 2021 Alberta will continue to get money from Ottawa for its child care program, but has not yet signed up for its share of $27-billion federal pot for such services, much to the Official Opposition’s

Alberta, Manitoba Métis federations sign agreement to solidify their identity in western Canada
(Jul 2021) The Alberta Métis Federation (AMF) and the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) gathered Wednesday in Alberta’s capital city to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Alberta renews child-care deal with Ottawa; prolongs talks about $10 a day program
Jul 24th, 2021 09:00 UTC Alberta has extended its agreement with the federal government for child care but has yet to sign on to Ottawa’s $27-billion subsidy plan that would cut fees in half. The United Conservative

Alberta renews existing child-care agreement, $10-per-day plan still in negotiations with Ottawa
on 23rd of Jul 2021 Alberta has reached a child-care agreement with Ottawa, but it’s not the deal many in the province have been waiting for. Children’s Services Minister Rebecca Schulz said Friday she expects the

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