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Defense Dept Confirms Aerial Phenomena Video From

Greetings Earthlings: There is no spoon or killer robots. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Hey, buddy, why are all the planets not aligning?

Some hidden links were discovered.

The Department of Defense will build a prototype mobile nuclear microreactor to meet energy demands of US military
(Sep 2021) In early 2022, the Department of Defense will review final prototype designs from two teams. Critics told the Associated Press that adversaries could target the microreactors during transport. The US

Fewer Democrats This Year Supported a 10 Percent Cut to the Defense Budget
Sep 26th, 2021 12:06 UTC Democrats who opposed the cut received nearly 4 times more money from the defense sector than those who supported it.

After a Department of Defense review and a new lawsuit, Naval Academy’s Board of Visitors approved to resume meeting
(Sep 2021) The Naval Academy’s Board of Visitors will resume meeting again after the Department of Defense halted 40 Pentagon advisory committees, including the Naval Academy, for a seven-month review.

Erdogan says Turkey plans to buy more Russian defense systems
Sep 26th, 2021 15:35 UTC President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey still intended to buy a second batch of S-400 missile defense systems from Russia, a move that could deepen a rift with NATO ally Washington and trigger new U.S.

Defense Department Assisting With Expelling Haitian Migrants From Texas Border Town
(Sep 2021) “I by no means diminish the, the humane issue that it presents, but I want to be clear that we do have a plan to address it,” Alejandro Mayorkas said.

Federal agencies buy drones from company Defense Department says poses ‘potential threats to national security’
(Sep 2021) Both the Secret Service and the FBI bought surveillance drones from a company that the Department of Defense believes could be a national security threat.

House passes defense bill with potential work for Bath shipyard
Sep 26th, 2021 13:10 UTC The house’s version of the defense bill approves three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, the main type of ship Bath Iron Works builds, to be constructed in fiscal year 2022.

House defense bill pushes $2B Hawaii radar, Red Hill inspection
Sep 26th, 2021 08:54 UTC The House version of the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act provides $75 million to continue development of the beleaguered Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii and calls on the Missile Defense

Australian, U.S. Defense Leaders Discuss Future of Alliance
(Sep 2021) The defense leaders discussed the state of the alliance, the situation in the Indo-Pacific region and steps the countries can take together. That the alliance is close is an understatement. The United

Defense Department watchdog criticizes oversight of military’s pharmaceutical supply chain
(Sep 2021) Addressing the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain would “mitigate public health and national security risks,” officials said in a new report.

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