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Nasas Juno Mission Expands Into The Future

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NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a stunning image of Jupiter
(Feb 2021) NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016. A recent image captured by the spacecraft and processed by a citizen scientist gives us a beautiful look at the gas giant.

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Spots Asteroid Impact on Jupiter
(Feb 2021) NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been puttering around the Jovian system for the last few years, taking images and measurements of the solar system’s largest planet. Juno reached the end of its pre-planned

NASA’s Juno Probe Shares Beautiful Photo of Jupiter’s Deep Jet Streams
(Feb 2021) The stunning photos sent back from the Mars Perseverence Rover have made it easy to miss the other beautiful imagery NASA spacecraft have been capturing. One such image you may have missed is this

Deep Jet Streams in Jupiter’s Atmosphere
(Feb 2021) This view of Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere from NASA’s Juno spacecraft includes several of the planet’s southern jet streams. Using data from Juno’s instruments, scientists discovered that Jupiter’s

Meteor smashes into Jupiter – and NASA’s Juno spotted the impact
(Feb 2021) A METEOR has been seen crashing into Jupiter by astronomers using NASA’s Juno spacecraft as experts get a rare glimpse of a space rock exploding on the solar system’s biggest planet.

Union-Endicott Grad Apart of NASAs "Mission to Mars Perseverance Rover" Launch
(Feb 2021) Daniel Krysak, UEHS Class of 2002, is a member of the team that developed the Mars Perserverance Rover that successfully landed on Mars for NASA on Thrusday afternoon. The rover will search for traces

Why Are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos So Interested in Space?
on 26th of Feb 2021 Why do the world’s two richest men want to get off the planet so badly? Elon Musk of Tesla and Jeff Bezos of Amazon have more than $350 billion in combined wealth and preside over two of the most

Scientists stumble on a meteor smashing into Jupiter
(Feb 2021) “You have to be lucky to be pointing a telescope at Jupiter at exactly the right time.” Giles is lead author of a paper published this month in Geophysical Research Letters. Amateur astronomers have

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