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Women Making Science Videos On Youtube Face Hostile Comments

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YouTube, 23andMe CEOs advocate for women’s education on Day of the Girl
(Oct 2018) Susan, who is CEO of YouTube . make one of these videos, Susan said. “We can educate more girls,” Susan said. “We can be good sisters to all of those girls out there that need it.” Solving for XX: T

Rohrabacher and Rouda face off over immigration, Russia and more in first debate in 48th Congressional District race
(Oct 2018) “When you have somebody who’s willing to give Medicare to illegal immigrants, which we have a video of this gentleman making that promise . s campaign sent Voice of OC an email with a YouTube link t

Hank Green: ‘I used all my power to make YouTube powerful, good and strong’
(Oct 2018) On the face of it, this was not such a remarkable thing . Related: How Peppa Pig became a video nightmare for children While YouTube has brought the world many gifts in the form of tutorials and fun

Vigil for missing retired Andrew science teacher: ‘At this point we don’t even know where to look’
on 17th of Oct 2018 Some fear the retired Andrew High School science teacher who once sold antiques to Portillo . 9, according to police. Video cameras recorded his red Chevy Express Van heading west on Manteno Road ne

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Aliens visited Earth seeking intelligent life. Returned home quite impressed by dogs.