Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments

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Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments‘New York Times

‘There is a lot of discussion about YouTube being an unpleasant environment for female creators,’ said Inoaka Amarasekara, an Australian researcher in science communication. ‘I wanted to see if that affected science communication on YouTube, and if that was something I could corroborate.’


These are some of the 23,005 YouTube comments that form the basis of a new paper by Ms. Amarasekara and Will Grant, a lecturer at Australian National University, published last week in the journal Public Understanding of Science. They found a tough environment for women who create YouTube videos centered on science, drawing both more comments per view than men and also a higher proportion of critical comments as well as remarks about their appearances.

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Study reveals YouTube commenters hostile to women scientists

A researcher reviewed 23,005 comments left on videos about science and related topics. You’ll never guess what they found out about how YouTubers view women. Adrianne Jeffries, quoting Inoaka Amarasekara:

‘I was quite disappointed by the time I’d gone through them,’ she said. ‘I could see why people would not want to be on YouTube.’

The researchers found that about 14 percent of comments for female on-camera hosts were critical, compared to about six percent for male hosts.

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