Savannah Sims said she was sunbathing on a beach in Hawaii when a family joined her nearby, and the

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[ Woman told to ‘leave the beach’ after fuming mum complains about her bikini ]

Beachgoer Savannah Sims received an outpouring of support after claiming that a woman complained about her bikini, telling her she ‘doesn’t want to see her butt and lady parts”

A beachgoer received thousands of supportive comments after claiming that a mum ordered her to leave the beach because her bikini was inappropriate.

Savannah Sims said she was sunbathing on a beach in Hawaii when a family joined her nearby, and the mum quickly took offence.

But she dubbed the woman a “hypocrite”, saying she stripped down to a thong bikini after confronting Savannah.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Angry mum orders sunbather to leave beach because her bikini ‘showed bum’

A row over a sunbather’s bikini broke out on a beach in Hawaii, with a mum objecting to its size despite her wearing something even skimpier, Savannah Sims claims

Savannah Sims was sunbathing in a green two-piece on a beach in Hawaii when she had the ‘worst experience’ and was told to pack up her things and leave.

Sharing her bizarre confrontation on TikTok, Savannah was stunned to see the same woman who criticised her choice of swimwear remove her skirt to reveal a “straight thong bikini”.

Savannah quipped: “To call me out and then take off your skirt and be rocking a g-string, either she’s a hypocrite or it wasn’t about what I was wearing?”

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Woman receives outpouring of support after stranger allegedly asked her to ‘leave’ beach over bikini

Savannah Sims – who uses the handle @savysimsyo on TikTok – took to the social media platform to recall her “worst experience” while in Hawaii.

After detailing how she was relaxing on “the big island”, Sims says that a family sat down near her, when she suddenly overheard the “mom” say to her partner: “No, I can’t have that. That’s not okay with me.”

When Sims asked the woman if there was a problem, the stranger replied that she didn’t want to be seeing Sims’ “butt” and “ladyparts”. Sims then shows her followers her bikini, saying: “To be clear, this is what I’m wearing. Pretty frigging normal right?”

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