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13 of the Most Bizarre Events of 2020 (That Have Nothing to Do with the Pandemic)

But while the pandemic and election have dominated the year’s headlines, plenty of other things have happened, some of which are especially odd. Here are 13 of the most bizarre events of 2020 that have nothing to do with the pandemic. Brace yourself’it’s a lot, and yes, it all somehow happened in this very weird year. All that said, here’s why 2020 might have been the wake-up call we needed.

When news broke in April that the U.S. Department of Defense had reportedly released three Navy videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), it seemed too strange’even for 2020. Two of the videos had been making the rounds on the Internet since 2017, while the other one has been around since 2007. But, up until the Pentagon issued a statement confirming that all three videos are indeed real, there was some controversy over their authenticity. Now we know they are legitimate Navy videos, but we still don’t know what they show. ‘The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified,” the Department of Defense said in a statement on April 27. Here are a few other examples of UFO sightings no one can explain.

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Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action

Earlier this week, Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo asked President Donald Trump about the Pentagon’s new UFO task force.Trump promised to look into the government’s UFO program.The president also answered with a vague, somewhat threatening speech about the power of the U.S. military.President Donald Trump, when asked about a new Pentagon task force for studying UFOs, replied that he would look into it’and then began boasting about the power of the U.S. military. Some observers saw this as Trump touting his funding of the Department of Defense, while others saw it as a threat to extraterrestrial beings.

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Amy Klobuchar says in interview she will declassify UFO documents if elected president

Minnesota senator and presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar revealed this week that she would be open to declassifying government documents regarding UFOs if elected president.

MOUNT WASHINGTON VALLEY, N.H. – Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is running for president in 2020, said in an interview on Monday that she would declassify UFO documents if she is elected president.’

Klobuchar confirmed the promise to look into documents regarding unidentified flying objects in an interview with the Conway Daily Sun in Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire.’

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Date: 2020-01-03
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10 Most Haunted States In America (You Won’t Believe The Scariest)

Coming in at the top of the list is Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas’even the ghost sightings’which is probably why the Lone Star State was named the most haunted state in America. In fact, its residents have witnessed a whopping 6,845 paranormal activities’since 2005. California is second on the list, with 6,444 reports since 2005. Ohio comes in third with 2,555 sightings.

So what makes a place haunted? ‘You’ll see unexplained shadows or movements in the side-vision of your eyes, or soft whispers of a conversation near you and no one is there,’ the Psychic Medium Sisters tell SlotSource. Other telltale signs: cold spots, creepy sensations or the feeling that you’re being watched.

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