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Why Ignoring Women Has Been Bad For Science

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This psychologist explains why people confess to crimes they didn’t commit
(Jun 2019) Although scores of people have been cleared . “That’s a bad combination,” Kassin says. “Their training makes them less accurate and more confident at the same time.” A poster in Kassin’s office at

What’s so bad about processed foods? Scientists offer clues
(Jun 2019) That’s not all the bad news. In another study based on questionnaires, researchers in France found people who ate more processed foods were more likely to have . woman’s womb with a butcher knife

Why Cry for the Cryosphere?
(Jun 2019) Author Vivien Gornitz, a NASA science collaborator and retired special . the retreat of glaciers is a worldwide phenomenon that has been speeding up in recent decades. The area covered by

Self-censorship on Campus Is Bad for Science
(since May, 2019) There is, of course, a long history of charlatans who have cited dubious “science” as proof that certain racial and ethnic groups are genetically superior to others. My approach has been to teach

Have We Really Found the Limit of Human Endurance?
(Jun 2019) For the rest of the day, people kept pinging me—figuring, perhaps, that I’d want to write a final Sweat Science before winding the column . That extra energy may have been why the ketone group was

Flat Earthers, and the Rise of Science Denial in America
(Jun 2019) To make matters worse, scientists (and others who care about it) have not really found an effective way of fighting back against science denial . up God’s truth.”) Why don’t others realize the truth

Coming home stressed? Your dog is internalizing those bad vibes too, study suggests
(Jun 2019) In the 15,000 years that humans and dogs have lived together, dependence and mutual affection have deepened our bond. And science has long established . underlying mechanisms behind why humans and

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