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Why Ignoring Women Has Been Bad For Science

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ESPN writer who was stalked at Super Bowl explains why men should ignore chivalry and ‘exit the elevator first’
(Apr 2019) ESPN writer Mina Kimes this week advised men to understand how some women feel terrified when they . and 99.9999% of people don’t have bad intentions, but–as someone who has been followed, and has

In the Democratic Primary, It’s Women Who Win Elections Against Men Who Lose Races
(Apr 2019) Booker hasn’t been bad, but he’s been on . with a better track record, the women seem to have it. So why is that? A former student, political science minor Curt Ellison and I worked on

Why it’s time for the tech industry to take gender diversity seriously
(Apr 2019) ZDNet: Your recent research into the role of women in IT suggests that the situation is better than it has been. Would that be correct? Tans: Well, there is good and bad. While you do . on advanced

“Straight black men are trash”: Do I have to agree?
Apr 20th, 2019 10:06 UTC I thought I could talk to one of my good friends about these nuances, and why everybody seems . especially black women. I just know I’m not trash. It feels like we live in a world where women have

I Stuck with Nixon. Here’s Why Science Says I Did It.
(Apr 2019) Young college women invited to . s a powerful motive for ignoring Trump’s thousands of naked lies. Why did I finally abandon Nixon? For months and months I had been angry over Watergate.

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