Why alien ‘megastructures’ may hold key to making contact with extraterrestrials

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If you’re trying to come up with the best game plan for proving the existence of extraterrestrials, you’ve got plenty of options. Naturally, you want a strategy with a high chance of success, simply in the interests of time, money and a shot at the Nobel Prize.

For nearly 70 years the scheme favored by most scientists has been to look for signals ‘ radio transmissions. That’s the classic approach of SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence), and frankly, it makes sense. Radio can easily traverse light-years, and the technology for detecting it is well known and highly sensitive.

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The women, aged 22 and 36, went into the sea at 12.45am yesterday and a man called 999 after becoming concerned for their welfare.

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Don’t Let Low Hanging Fruit Hold Back Your Sales

When things aren’t going well, salespeople often give in to the quick and easy sale in an effort to get through the troublesome ‘dry spells.’ Others become so addicted, they never reach higher. It’s easy to fall under the spell of the lure of low-hanging fruit.

Yet, those who excel in sales develop skills that add value to their careers and enhance their confidence. They also know that going after low hanging fruit prevents them from raising their sights, caps their capabilities, and causes them from embracing challenges.

It also, earns them a reputation they deserve, but not as members of the A team. It doesn’t prepare them for either tougher times or for new and more demanding opportunities. Transaction dependent, they’re known for what they are, order takers.

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