When NASA Thought Bacteria Had Survived on the Moon

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The unmanned Surveyor III lunar lander, photographed by the astronauts of Apollo 12. Their landing craft, the Intrepid, sits on the horizon.

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Retrieved by the crew of Apollo 12 in November 1969 after more than two years on the moon, the lunar lander presented the perfect opportunity to study how various objects were affected by long-term exposure to space. After all, if NASA was going to establish a permanent presence on the moon, researchers would need to know exactly how the frozen, irradiated and generally forbidding environment of space would affect material as diverse as delicate cloth and intricate wiring. Until then, Surveyor III, which wasn’t sterilized prior to its April 1967 launch, had been the only object retrieved after such a long period of time in space.

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Many things are taking place:

The Race to Develop the Moon

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Mom’s story about a kidnapping unravels after her baby was found alive at bottom of ravine

Authorities in western North Carolina say a mother tossed her baby down a 75-foot ravine and then concocted a story about a kidnapping. The baby was later found alive, and her claims unraveled.

Investigators believe Shaylie was in her car seat when she was tossed over the steep embankment, and then rolled out of it after hitting the ground.’

Police in Asheville said they received a 911 call on Thursday afternoon reporting a mother and her child had been kidnapped from Biltmore Park, a mixed-use area in Asheville. They wouldn’t say who placed the call, but confirmed it wasn’t Madden. Police pinged Madden’s phone and traced it back to neighboring Henderson County.

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Ask Orlando: Is the city’s nickname still ‘Beautiful’? | Commentary

A mysterious man flew into Orlando 50 years ago with one goal in mind. He wanted to take the beauty out of Orlando.

Actually, he wanted to take the ‘Beautiful’ out of Orlando. Central Florida was on the move, and local poobahs felt time had passed Orlando’s slogan by.

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‘The City Beautiful’ came along in 1908. Locals were tired of the old nickname, ‘The Phenomenal City,’ and held a contest.

Along came Jessie Branch. She’d moved here from South Dakota a few years earlier and couldn’t get over the winter weather.

‘I cannot but marvel at the town’s fragrant air; blooming oleanders, cape jessamine, honeysuckle, more sweet smelling vines and blossoms than I ever thought possible to grow this time of year. It could be June,’ she wrote in her journal.

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Data reveals tectonic activity on the Moon

This image of lobate scarps, which is a kind of curved hill, was taken near a region of the Moon called Mare Frigoris by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. It and other areas may show current tectonic activity on the Moon. Photo Credit: NASA

New images captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) reveal recent tectonic activity on the Moon in the form of ‘wrinkled’ or curved hills and shallow trenches produced by cracking and shifting in large lunar basins known as mare as recently as 40 million years ago.

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