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What The Meg Gets Wrong And Right About Megalodon Sharks

Greetings Earthlings: There is no spoon or AI. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Guess what. I dropped it.

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Roz Chast and Patricia Marx Mine the Mother Lode
(Mar 2019) That was when Meg Wolitzer and Lorrie Moore were in the group . MARX Growing up with someone who believed there was a right or a wrong is ultimately dangerous because you believed you could make a

Buffa’s Buffet: ‘El Chicano’ blazes a trail; ‘John Wick’ returns; Tarantino serves up a taste of Hollywood
on 23rd of Mar 2019 THE MEG GETS A SEQUEL. While I didn’t love the shark-versus-Jason Statham flick, one can’t doubt the unapologetic campy nature of it all. The box office receipts were sweet enough to have that

The Detroit Pistons Know They Need To Prove You Wrong
(Mar 2019) People respect and remember winners and right now we’re playing good basketball . it’s gonna be a while before he gets healthy. I think his health is kicking in. Anytime you’ve missed as much

What ‘The Meg’ gets wrong — and right — about megalodon sharks
(months ago)   Science NewsThe Meg: Real Megalodon shark would eat Jason Statham for breakfast  New Scientist NewsHow big the Megalodon really was – and why The Meg’s story of a giant prehistoric shark returning is (mostly) bollocks  iNewsThe Ending of ‘The Meg’ Is the Best Part of This Overstuffed Shark Thriller  ThrillistThe Meg film review: We’re going to need a stupider boat  Ars TechnicaView full coverage on Google News

THE MEG 2 Gets Status Update from Producer
(Mar 2019)   Dread Central

While I personally was extremely disappointed with 2018’s The Meg (which broke an annual run of excellent shark-themed horror movies that began in 2016 .

What ‘The Meg’ doesn’t quite get right about megalodon sharks
(months ago)   Science News for Students

What if a gigantic prehistoric shark — one thought to be extinct for some 2.5 million years — still lurks in the ocean’s depths? That’s the premise of The Meg, .

Meg! When the (giant prehistoric) shark bites, the science bites back
(months ago)   The Conversation AU

The Meg has all the typical monster movie cliches including some terrifically bad dialogue. But what about the science?

Science & Society Here’s the science you loved in 2018
(some months now)   Science News for Students

What’s the most popular news? It’s news you can use. The most-read stories on Science News for Students were about subjects close to home, such as .

A scene-by-scene breakdown of the first trailer of “The Meg”
(months ago)   Southern Fried Science

Yesterday, the trailer for “the Meg” was released online. This movie is based on a popular book series that claims that megalodon is actually not extinct, just .

Unevolved: Josh Pearce and Arley Sorg Discuss The Meg
(months ago)   Locus Online

Josh: So, about the title of this review. What do you think of, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” or is that too easy? Arley: How about, “We’re gonna need a .

Shark! The Art of the CG Predator – VFX Voice
(months ago) Shark! The Art of the CG Predator  VFX Voice

By IAN FAILES. Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) battles a 70-foot-long Megalodon ‘underwater’ in The Meg. Director Jon Turteltaub wanted something that looked .

Rock V. Statham: Which Beefy Boss Battled Big Bad Beasts Best?
(months ago)   UPROXX

This year has treated us to movies about The Rock battling mutant beasts and Jason Statham fighting a huge shark. And now we must choose one.

Jason Statham fearless at swimming with sharks in ‘The Meg’
(months ago)   ABC6OnYourSide.com

Jason Statham had no fear when he had to swim with sharks to prepare for his latest movie, The Meg.The actor plays diver Jonas Taylor, who is called upon to .

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