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What Spy Satellite Companies Can Teach Nasa About Climate Change

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This 37-year-old serial entrepreneur’s new startup is using AI to explore space — and mix cocktails
(Jun 2019) His exploring isn’t metaphorical either, because Hypergiant is planning to partner up with satellite companies to integrate AI-guided . user data to manage), Hypergiant teaches machines to teach

Kyrgyzstan’s space women blast off from male dominance
(Jun 2019) The satellite . That they can take on something like this is just amazing,” she said. Helping amateurs build CubeSats “is amazing because it has given access to people and countries who ordinarily

Five lessons from Apollo for the new space age
(Jun 2019) But Apollo did teach us how to fly in space . 1960s required solving 10,000 problems, but NASA’s engineers didn’t know what the second 5,000 were until they’d solved the first 5,000. NASA and the

NASA spots “Star Trek” Starfleet logo on Mars surface
(Jun 2019) NASA . internet company will pave the way for 20,000 new homes in the region over the next decade The company is partnering with big names like Visa, Mastercard, Uber and Spotify to create a new

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