We Test a NASA-Grade Dress Suit

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We Test a NASA-Grade Dress Suit‘Inc.com

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And here’s another article:

Katz: Bill McGinty wore same suit every day for a week… and no one noticed!

That question became a topic of conversation between Bill and me during a commercial break a couple of weeks ago.

Moving on.

We decided to try a little test. Bill wore the same suit with a slightly different tie, every day for a week. All the ties were the same color. No viewers noticed. In fact, our own boss didn’t even notice!

It’s not surprising. You may remember an anchor in Australia wore the same suit for a year to highlight how his female coworkers are held to a different standard.

So many of the messages I get don’t pertain to how well I do my job, but rather my appearance. Some are positive, others not so much. I understand it, but it’s still disheartening at times when it feels like you’re judged more by what you wear than how well you do your job.

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10 affordable men’s workwear essentials every recent college graduate should have in his closet

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As the spring semester comes to an end, college seniors all over the country are preparing for graduation. It’s definitely a time of celebration, but the work doesn’t end with your last final exam.

Whether you’re taking on an internship, starting a career, or beginning the application process, you’re going to need a decent amount of professional essentials to carry you through interviews and beyond.

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For Tom Wolfe, Affectation Was Armor

During my senior year in college, my housemates and I developed a certain ritual on those big, anxiety-ridden nights before major exams: Rather than, you know, study for the damn things, we managed to convince ourselves that the important thing going into these tests wasn’t the tedious facts’the names and dates and schools of thought and key events that literally every single other classmate of ours insisted on getting hung up about’but, rather, one’s attitude. As such, we generally spent the examination eves slouched together on our couch watching a movie that imparted that attitude and that style for living boldly and confidently marching straight ahead, intermittently kicking the ass of whatever stood in the way. We watched The Right Stuff’all three hours and 13 minutes of it.

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