We Mysterious Utah. UTAH — Not since a monolith was found on the surface of the moon in Stanley Kubrick’s classic

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[ We are not alone? Mysterious object found in Utah during sheep count ]

UTAH ‘ Not since a monolith was found on the surface of the moon in Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” has a mystery object confounded the greatest minds of our generation.

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The Utah Highway Patrol posted a photo to social media Friday showing a curious metallic-looking object found during a count of big horn sheep somewhere in the state.

According to the post, the item was found buried in the “middle of nowhere” with UHP asking the public what they think it is. One person suggested “it fell off the UFO we’ve been seeing in Ogden lately.”

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After hiking a mile, the three of us’mountaineer Greg Child, photographer Bill Hatcher and I’emerged abruptly from the trees to stand on a limestone promontory overlooking the colossal chasm. The view was predictably sublime’distant ridges and towers blurred to pastel silhouettes by the morning haze; the North Rim, 20 miles distant, smothered in storm; the turgid flood of the Colorado River silenced by the 4,800-foot void beneath our feet.

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Perth sea creature that ‘feels like plastic’ found on a Perth beach is confusing residents

A mother found the white, bendable shell with ridges along its sides at a Perth beach on Thursday and brought it home to her daughter.

Equally confused, the daughter posted a photo of the creature to a local community Facebook page seeking help identifying the alien-like object.

A mother found the dried-up egg case of a giant whelk, which is a type of sea snail, at a Perth beach on Thursday before her daughter posted an image (pictured) of it to Facebook

‘Hi, just curious to see if anyone knows what this is. Mum found it on the beach. It’s bendy and feels like plastic,’ the daughter wrote.

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