Watch the winners of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest

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Finnish scientists’Vitus Besel, Ivo Neefjes, and’Jakub Kube’ka (left to right)’created a rap video about atmospheric molecule clusters that won this year’s Dance Your Ph.D. contest.

You may never look at clouds the same way again. A video created by three atmospheric science graduate students at the University of Helsinki features an original rap song and choreography explaining how groups of atoms stick together to form the billowy shapes in our sky. And it has just won Science’s annual ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest.

It took 2 months of prep and rehearsal for the ‘scientific cluster,’ as the students call themselves, to finish the video. They used drones and green screen effects to show cloud molecules spinning, colliding, and sticking together, all while the scientists sing. ‘Our main goal was to show nonscientific muggles that science can be fun, silly, and exciting,’ says contest winner Jakub Kube’ka, who was inspired to participate in the competition after a friend was a finalist a few years ago. He then recruited two colleagues to help with the song, lyrics, and filming.

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This may worth something:

Creative physics rap on molecular clusters wins Dance your Ph.D. contest

The newest winners of Science’s annual Dance your Ph.D. contest are Jakub Kube’ka, Ivo Neefjes and Vitus Besel, researchers studying atmospheric sciences at the University of Helsinki.

‘To prepare for recording the lyrics, I was running with headphones playing the music at least 30 times per day for the whole month to get it into my blood. I think that I even dreamed about it. Throughout the whole process, we always stayed close to our main goal of showing non-scientific muggles that science can be fun, silly and exciting,’ Kube’ka recalls.

Beyond conveying research via dance, all Dance your Ph.D. contestants had to negotiate the pandemic, finding ways to produce their videos while honoring local COVID-19 restrictions.

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Super Bowl commercials 2014: Watch the ads here

The Super Bowl commercials bring a level of excitement that, in some cases, may be lacking during the big game. During a dull game, the ads allow us to play armchair Don Draper from ‘Mad Men.’

Game? What game? Sure, the big day is earmarked for pigskin action but let’s face it, the Super Bowl commercials bring a level of excitement that the gridiron may not.

* * *

But is all the hype warranted? According to a recent report on Ad Age, a research firm has concluded that the razzle-dazzle of Super Bowl ads doesn’t exactly raise the needle when it comes to new sales. So, again, why all the fuss?

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Getting Down to Their Dissertations

Nov. 20, 2008— — It’s not every day that world-class scientists trade in their lab coats and test tubes for spandex and hula hoops.

It was all part of a contest created by the journal Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science that challenged scientists and graduate students around the world to choreograph dances that represent their Ph.D theses and then post them on YouTube.

* * *

John Bohannon, the science journalist and former biologist who came up with the Dance Your Ph.D. competition, said the goal was to make science more accessible and shatter the image of the scientist as the dull and humorless geek.

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From K-dramas to kimchi

Crash Landing on You is a wildly popular Korean drama on Netflix about Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean businesswoman, who gets blown into North Korea while paragliding. In episode two of the sixteen-part series, North Korean state security inspectors arrive at the home of Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, who is hiding the South Korean in his village. They tear through his house, eventually yanking open the doors to his underground kimchi cellar. Among baskets of root vegetables and fermentation barrels is Yoon, terrified of the gun being pointed at her. Ri suddenly emerges and says to the inspector, ‘Put away the gun you’re pointing at my fianc’e!’ while the villagers swoon and gasp.

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