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Billie Eilish’s latest TikTok dance video of her new song Lost Cause features two accidental wardrobe malfunctions. Singer jokes ‘T*s falling out.’

Billie is embracing the skimpy look these days. The singer made a splash with her British Vogue cover shoot a month ago.

Only three days ago, she released the music video of her new song Lost Cause from the upcoming album Happier Than Ever.

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Billie Eilish Wardrobe Malfunction ‘Lost Cause’ Music Video: Watch

No big deal. Billie Eilish‘s wardrobe malfunction during her ‘Lost Cause’ music video shoot make for the best TikTok. Eilish, who released the music video for ‘Lost Cause’ this week, took to her Instagram on Thursday, June 3, to post a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.

The video showed the Grammy winner in an oversized puffy jacket, silk pajamas and a cap with the letter ‘B’ as she and her backup dancers performed a scene from the music video. However, it seemed that Eilish’s loose-fitted pajama top was cut a bit too low for her comfort as when she performed the scene’s choreography, she had to censor her breasts, which fell out of her shirt. ‘Titties falling out,’ she wrote on the video.

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Billie Eilish suffers wardrobe malfunction in TikTok footage from racy music video Lost Cause

After ditching her signature overly-dressed ensembles, Billie Eilish is embracing her skimpy new look, and all the pitfalls that come with it.

On Thursday, the pop star laughed off a series of wardrobe malfunctions as she shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her latest music video Lost Cause on TikTok.

‘T*****s was falling out,’ the 19-year-old captioned the video, that saw her covering herself up with different emojis while practicing the choreography with her dancers.’

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Billie Eilish Covers Up Wardrobe Malfunction As She Dances In BTS Video From ‘Lost Cause’ Shoot

Billie Eilish took to TikTok to share a behind the scenes look at her music video shoot for ‘Lost Cause.’ The post featured Billie and her girls in their pajamas, from the scene in the video where they’re all dancing on the bed. The singer is wearing sexy, silky PJs, as she and the other girls showed off some dance moves. However, there were a few mishaps amidst the choreography!

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At one point, Billie’s loose-fitted shirt began falling just a little too low, and she had to cover up the malfunction with an emoji. She also covered up her backside with an emoji when she was dancing with her booty to the camera at one point. ‘Not showing you this,’ Billie wrote at that point. Regardless of the malfunctions, though, she looked like she was having an absolute blast while dancing with her pals.

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