Watch a 3D video reveal how sperm really swim

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Watch a human sperm under a microscope, and it will appear to swim like an eel wiggling its tail through the water. But a new study reveals that sperm actually swim in a much more chaotic manner’one they’ve been able to harness for maximal speed.

Researchers scanned human sperm samples with a 3D microscope and a high-speed camera’one that could keep up with the speedy swimmers, which can manage 20 to 30 swimming strokes per second.

Though in two dimensions sperm appear to lash their tail from side-to-side in symmetric strokes, the reproductive cells actually move in a lop-sided manner, beating their tails to one side only (as seen in the video above), the team reports today in Science Advances.

Publisher: Science | AAAS
Date: 2020-07-31T14:00:00-04:00
Author: Charlotte Hartley
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How human sperm really swim: 3D filming technique reveals they move in a corkscrew motion like otters rather than wiggling like eels due to their ‘wonky tails’

A 3D filming technique has revealed that’human sperm really swim with a corkscrew motion like otters, rather than wiggling like eels due to their ‘wonky tails’.

Developed by scientists led from Bristol, the method has overturned a 350-year-old belief that sperm tails lash ‘with a snakelike movement, like eels in water.’

In fact, the researchers said, this is merely an optical illusion ‘ one that is a product of seeing the motion under standard, two-dimensional microscopes.’

Seen in three dimensions, the reproductive cells instead clearly rotate like a corkscrew as they strive to journey towards an egg.

Publisher: Mail Online
Date: 2020-07-31T19:00:46+0100
Author: Ian Randall
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Into the maelstrom – Sea Shepherd Anti

The morning is bright, the night watch has just finished and the captain stands on the bridge, staring intently at a weather map on a laptop computer.

‘That, right there,’ he says, rolling the cursor around an angry red blotch on the screen and speaking to no-one in particular, ‘is about as bad as I’ve ever seen it.’

Adam Meyerson wants to hurry. His crew are in a hurry. They are on a ship specially built for speed and the urgency of their mission is pressing.

Their quarry is invisible on the charts but somewhere, far beyond the horizon, Japan’s whaling fleet is already sailing towards a summer slaughter in the icy waters off Antarctica.

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Lionsgate, BuzzFeed Form Partnership to Make ‘High Concept’ Movies for Young Audiences

BuzzFeed is teaming with Lionsgate to make ‘socially relevant and high-concept feature films’ for Gen Z and millennial audiences ‘ whatever that might mean.

The companies announced a pact under which they will jointly develop, produce and distribute films. Those will have ‘unique, primarily digital, distribution strategies,’ according to the announcement: In other words, don’t expect to see many of these movies hitting theaters.

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MLB postpones games as Marlins deal with outbreak

A 17-year-old was allegedly behind the large Twitter hack on July 15 of prominent accounts, including former president Barack Obama and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and is now facing 30 felony charges for ‘scamming people across America,’ the Hillsborough County State Attorney announced in Tampa, Fla. Friday. The teen is being prosecuted in Florida where the state attorney, Andrew Warren, says laws make it easier for the 17-year-old to be charged as an adult in a financial crimes case.

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