It all started years ago, when I first learned my wife and I were going to be parents: I began

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[ Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says These 7 Habits Lead to Incredible Outcomes ]

It all started years ago, when I first learned my wife and I were going to be parents: I began collecting science-based parenting advice, both here on and in my continuously updated (free) e-book, How to Raise Successful Kids, now in its 7th edition.

Here are seven of the most interesting and useful studies that I’ve found, along with the habits they find successful parents often practice:

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Author: Bill Murphy Jr
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And here’s another article:

Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says These 7 Habits Lead to Incredible Outcomes

Of all the advice I’ve shared over the years, this is the habit that prompts the most replies — not from parents who don’t think it works, but from adults who realize how much sense it makes, and how much they wished their parents had practiced it.

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In other words, not this: “Sally, you’re so good at math!” Or else, “Ethan, you’re such a fast runner!”

Instead: “I’m proud of how hard you studied!” Or: “I could see the determination on your face as you crossed the finish line!”

There’s a whole line of scientific studies that backs this up, largely stemming from the work of Stanford University’s Carol Dweck. But, I was also pleasantly surprised to learn recently that of all people, it’s also one of the top bits of advice that Jeff Bezos preaches to young people and their parents.

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Stanford researcher: This Warren Buffett story reveals the No. 1 trait hiring managers need to look for

Employers always try to hire the “perfect” candidate, but many don’t prioritize the right things. They fixate too much on the required skill sets, years of experience, what notable companies a candidate worked at, impressive accomplishments, and so on.

But the one obvious trait that most people routinely overlook is trustworthiness. They rarely stop to ask themselves: “Can I trust this person?”

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Plum school board has 12 cross-filed candidates seeking ballot nods

May 7’Editor’s note: The Advance Leader is only spotlighting contested races in the primary election.

Plum residents have a plethora of candidates seeking both the Democratic and Republican nod for four school board seats this year.

A dozen hopefuls, including two incumbents, have cross-filed for the May 18 primary election, according to the Allegheny County Office of Elections unofficial candidate list.

Current board members are Angela Anderson and Joe Tommarello. Other candidates include Devin Adams, Megan Chuderewicz, Sheleah Fronckowiak, Justin Newman, Mandee Pettyjohn, Don Pytel, Raymond Rall, Renee Richardson, Melissa Russell and Ronald Sakolsky.

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First responders work to build positive relationships through basketball

It may be a game but for these two groups, it’s much more than that. Breaking barriers in high-crime areas are just part of the effort.

– This game of basketball is much more than that. At good hope missionary Baptist Church, where officers, first responders, and city leaders are playing ball with kids and working to build relationships with them.

– We need to break down this barrier of communication to solve criminal issues in our city and build relationships.

– Dwight Boykins was able to pull it together representatives from several area agencies and has partnered with local churches and hotspot areas such as Cuney Homes, [? Southaven ?] and [? Haversack ?] Hills Apartments to use their gyms. Also part of today’s event, ABC 13 anchor Chauncey Glover with his organization the Chauncy Glover project.

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‘An avian mosh-pit’: Mating habits of the sharp

It took careful planning and 5 a.m. wake-up calls, but naturalist Brian Keating managed to catch the mating dance of some Alberta sharp-tailed grouse that he described as “an avian mosh-pit.”

There are about 25 species of grouse, and the sharp-tailed grouse is one of the smallest ‘ according to Keating, they’re roughly the size of a chicken.

In Alberta, they are usually associated with the province’s open grasslands or cultivated areas, but can also be found in aspen woodlands.

Last week, on a friend’s ranch just south of Pincher Creek, Keating and his wife, Dee, trekked through the night, and at dawn from inside a trailer managed to observe male grouse performing a mating ritual that was “astoundingly fascinating mayhem.”

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