Wacky experiments to highlight Helena High’s Science Circus

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Helena High School seniors Zan Roush, left, and Sealey Raymond, right, practice one of the experiments showcased in this year’s Science Circus earlier this week.

Each year, students from the school’s science seminar class host the circus as a fundraiser for their annual trip. The circus features students from all grades performing zany experiments and explaining the science behind them.

This year, the Science Circus has a lineup featuring intriguing oddities and crazy classics. Wacky experiments to highlight Helena High's Science ... helenair.com /news/local/ wacky - experiments - to-highlight ... Wild and wacky experiments are part of the show performed by Helena High School's science students at the annual Science Circus on Friday and Saturday. Each year, students from the school's ... Some of the experiments are: “e-lemon-tricity,” “through the fire-flame tests,” “alka-seltzer rockets,” “Coke and Mentos,” “bubble magic” and “writing with electricity.”‘

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