VIDEO Kelowna UFO Okanagan Lake. It’s not every day you catch an unexplained array of lights flying through the night sky, but on

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[ VIDEO: Kelowna residents claim they saw a UFO over Okanagan Lake ]

It’s not every day you catch an unexplained array of lights flying through the night sky, but on Thursday, Jan. 28, a number of Okanagan residents witnessed a phenomenon that may never be fully explained.

* * *

It was a night like any other for Kelowna resident Max Morgan, working out at the gym after a day’s work at the family hot tub business in Kelowna.

He was about to get into his next set when a series of messages from a group chat with his close friends prompted him to look at his phone.

‘A few friends were telling me in the group chat, ‘go look in the sky, there’s something crazy in the sky,’ said Max.

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VIDEO: Kelowna residents claim saw a UFO over Okanagan Lake

But rather than leaving the gym mid-workout, Max decided to call his dad David, who was able to capture the phenomenon on video.

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‘It was gorgeous and it had been getting dark in the evenings quite early, so I decided to go take a picture before the sunset.’

David owns and operates Aqua Friends Pool and Spa on Cooper Road in Kelowna, a family business. Video kelowna residents claim they saw a News VIDEO: Kelowna residents claim saw a UFO over Okanagan LakeBC Local News9 hours agoIt’s not every day you catch an unexplained array of lights flying through the night sky, but on Thursday, Jan. 28, a number of ... When he’s not at the shop you can usually catch him and his family on their porch that overlooks Okanagan Lake at McKinley Landing in Lake Country.

On the evening in question, David spent much of the night of on his porch, snapping pictures of the lake’s beauty.

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Police look for owner of ice-covered boat found on B.C.’s Okanagan Lake

WEST KELOWNA, B.C. ‘ A photo of a sailboat covered in icicles has been released by police in West Kelowna, B.C., in the hope of finding its owner.

* * *

The Mounties say in a news release they’ve been unable to locate any lost or stolen property reports related to the icy white sailboat.

The vessel is coated with a thick layer of ice, with long icicles adorning the bow and a flaring skirt of ice around the bottom.

* * *

To claim the vessel, police say the owner will have to provide proof of ownership and information about how the boat landed where it did.

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Kelowna industrial real estate report: ‘We are sub 1 per cent of vacancy’

Kelowna’s heavy industrial sector, where well-paying trade jobs are usually found, is the latest to feel the real estate squeeze.’

* * *

‘There is already a shortage of industrial inventory around,’ said Kris McLaughlin, a RE/MAX Kelowna commercial realtor. ‘Our report goes to read that we are sub one per cent of vacancy.’

* * *

The report says industrial land has become scarce, leasable space is rare and the cost on industrial strata units are increasing to heights that haven’t been seen in Kelowna.

‘That’s a big problem that we see,’ said McLaughlin. ‘If we are losing these industrial parcels, some of the industrial uses only fit in industrial zones.’

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Martyn Brown: Will Shelley Cook be Kelowna’s first

Valentine’s Day. It can be the sweetest or cruelest day of the year, depending on who loves you or who doesn’t.

It also happens to be the day that premier John Horgan has announced for the upcoming Kelowna West by-election, which was triggered by the resignation of Christy Clark.

Anyone wanting to send her a Valentine’s Day card for her role in effectively handing the NDP power and giving Horgan a more stable minority government might be hard-pressed to find her mailing address.

Too bad. I suspect that lots of British Columbians might be inclined to send her chocolates for all she did to help the GreeNDP and to hurt her party, including in the riding that is now up for grabs.

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