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Video Emerges Of Shiny Ufo Hovering Above Keller Star

Greetings Earthlings: There was a bright light and zap. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . All data has been collected and stored for safe keeping. We promise.

Some hidden links were discovered.

Jeremy Corbyn blasted after video of him mocking captured SAS troopers and branding British forces in Iraq ‘lawless’ emerges
Apr 20th, 2019 15:43 UTC The Labour leader’s rant came just days after the dramatic rescue of two Who Dares Wins fighters from an Iraqi jail The Labour leader’s rant came just days after the dramatic rescue of two Who Dares

Woman cleared of false rape claim after houseparty ‘threesome’ video emerges
(Apr 2019) A former private schoolgirl was today acquitted of making a false rape claim after a video emerged of her and two boys engaged in sex acts during a high school house party that “got out of control”.

Outrage after ‘weird and inappropriate’ video emerges of conservative mascot on campaign trail
(Apr 2019) A conservative political mascot has caused outrage after appearing to gyrate and rub up against a poster of an independent candidate. Captain GetUp!, a mascot being used by Advance Australia to

EXCLUSIVE: Video emerges of woman caught in Muni door and dragged to tracks
on 19th of Apr 2019 New video obtained exclusively by the San Francisco Examiner shows a harrowing Muni incident from last Friday, in which a woman had her hand trapped in a train and was dragged on to the tracks. The

Footage Emerges Of ‘Gunman Shooting Journalist Lyra McKee’ As Police Appeal For Information
on 19th of Apr 2019 The video, posted to YouTube and later released by police as part of a montage of clips, appears to show an individual firing two shots from behind a wall. After the individual retreats, others go to

Arsenal, Aubameyang speak out on racism as Koulibaly video emerges
(Apr 2019) Arsenal is condemning the culprits and investigating a video showing a fan shouting racist obscenities at star Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly. “We utterly condemn use of this type of racist

New footage emerges of most notorious Street Fighter moment in history
(Apr 2019) If you’ve only ever seen one piece of footage of competitive video gaming, there’s a good chance it’s this one: the “Daigo Parry” or “Evo Moment #37,” taken from Daigo Umehara’s Street Fighter III:

New unseen video of Meghan Markle on humanitarian visit to India emerges
(Apr 2019) Video footage has emerged of Meghan Markle on a humanitarian visit to India shortly after her romance with Harry became public. The Duchess of Sussex travelled to Delhi and Mumbai in 2017 to highlight

Terror Jr., a Band Once Rumored to Have Kylie Jenner as Lead Singer, Emerges With the Truth
on 19th of Apr 2019 after their song “Three Strikes” was featured in her “Glosses” video commercial. While Jenner’s involvement was debunked, it did serve to raise the duo’s profile. From 2015 to 2018, they released

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