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Video Emerges Of Shiny Ufo Hovering Above Keller Star

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Video of Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel purposely twisting another player’s ankle emerges and it does NOT look good
(Sep 2019) Last Saturday, the Florida Gators staged an epic comeback against the Kentucky Wildcats, winning 29-21 despite being down 21-10 with just three minutes remaining in the third quarter. After a gruesome

Video emerges of Raekwon McMillan hit on Tom Brady that led game official to say, ‘Stay off Tom’
(Sep 2019) No NFL fan should be surprised that the league wants to keep its star quarterbacks healthy. After all, we’re just a few weeks into the NFL season and multiple starting quarterbacks have already been

Justin Trudeau blames privileged upbringing for wearing blackface after third racist incident emerges
(Sep 2019) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Thursday over his growing blackface scandal but stopped short of saying whether there were more pictures or videos of him dressed up in darkened

Third incident of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in racist makeup emerges
(Sep 2019) A Liberal Party spokesman confirmed that the young man in blackface in the video published Thursday morning by Global News was Trudeau, and said it was “from the early 1990s.” Trudeau turned 20 in

Video Emerges Of Woman Falling Off A Cliff With GoPro Attached To Her Head
(Sep 2019) GoPro cameras have become an increasingly popular way for people to document their adventures while keeping their hands free. People are recording their climbs, bikes, and swims in a totally insane

Video of Justin Trudeau in blackface emerges in third instance of Canadian prime minister darkening skin
(Sep 2019) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reelection hopes may be fading to blackface. The 47-year-old politician delivered an apology Thursday to his nation’s 37 million residents as the number of

Canada’s Justin Trudeau moves to contain growing racial scandal as new video of him wearing blackface emerges
(Sep 2019) At a time when bigotry seems on the rise around the world and doors are being shut, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become known as a champion of diversity. Now, amid his bid for

Wag! app dog walker suspended after creepy video of him in homeowner’s kitchen emerges
(Sep 2019) A Wag! app dog walker is caught on surveillance video rummaging through a couple’s home and drinking their liquor. STORYFUL

New video emerges of Canada’s Trudeau wearing blackface makeup
(Sep 2019) New damning images of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface makeup emerged on Canadian television on Thursday, throwing his floundering re-election bid into further disarray. Released by

The Fall Of An Icon And Why We’ll No Longer Be Able To Thomas Cook It
Sep 23rd, 2019 08:05 UTC And as more and more reports and video of returning passengers, and of those stranded at airports, emerges, the abiding impression is not one of anger and frustration but one of deep affection for a

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