US Navy Had A UFO Encounter According To Leaked Military Report

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US Navy Had A UFO Encounter According To Leaked Military Report‘Den of Geek US

The Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of the United States or any foreign nation.

The AAV exhibited advanced aerodynamic performance with no visible control surfaces and no visible means to generate lift.

The AAV exhibited advanced propulsion capability by demonstrating the ability to remain stationary with little to no variation in altitude transitioning to horizontal and/or vertical velocities far greater than any know aerial vehicle with little to no visible signature.

The AAV possibly demonstrated the ability to ‘cloak’ or become invisible to the human eye or human observations.


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Sexual harassment in Philadelphia City Hall: Unreported, unrecorded and unpunished

After decades of mishandling misconduct complaints, city officials are trying to reverse course by expanding sexual harassment training programs and implementing a citywide complaint tracking database. | Photo: Max Marin

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On paper, city employees can file complaints about colleagues outside of their department at the Employee Relations Unit in the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations. But few have used the office as an avenue for sexual misconduct grievances. | Photo: Max Marin

In 2008, former Philadelphia Police Department officer Christa Hayburn sued the city over an incident involving her former supervisor, Lt. Carl Holmes. She alleged Holmes had raped her in a squad car outside of a party, as dozens of other police caroused a short distance away.

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New Film Tells the Story of George Van Tassel and His UFO

Are we witnessing a renewal of interest in unidentified flying objects? Recent revelations about a secret Defense Department project for studying UFOs continue to draw media attention, while reports of unusual aircraft sightings show up regularly in the news.
Not quite as common these days, however, are stories of individuals claiming to have had contact with extraterrestrials. In his new documentary, Calling All Earthlings, filmmaker Jonathan Berman takes a look back at one of the most famous of these “contactees,” George Van Tassel

Beginning in 1927 as an airplane mechanic right out of high school, Van Tassel had a long career in aviation, first with Douglas Aircraft, then with Hughes and Lockheed. At Hughes he was involved in flight testing near Barstow, California, where he was attracted to the “clean air, the intense quiet nights, and outdoor living in the desert.”

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