‘Under The Silver Lake’ Is A Potential Lebowski-Esque Masterpiece

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Like Jordan Peele’s Us, Under the Silver Lake is an acclaimed writer/director’s follow up to his breakout horror hit, in this case Robert David Mitchell’s first effort after 2014’s It Follows. Like Peele’s Us, Mitchell’s Under The Silver Lake (named for the hip, or formerly hip, east side artsy neighborhood of LA) is more genre, more classical filmmaking technique, less easily parsed than its predecessor. But whereas Us received a massive marketing push and ended up becoming one of the most successful movies of all time, Under the Silver Lake has had its release date pushed twice and now finally limps into limited release three days before it hits VOD.

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Review: Andrew Garfield gets lost in the L.A. noir puzzles of ‘Under the Silver Lake’

For some, the answer might be the movie itself, which was supposed to open last June but has since taken on the unmistakable whiff of a film maudit. Following a divisive reception at Cannes, ‘Under the Silver Lake’ was delayed from release for almost a year, amid rumors of possible recuts. In any case, it reemerges with the same 139-minute running time as before, and it remains a terminally, sometimes enjoyably overstuffed potboiler that moves to its own poky, meandering rhythms. (It will also be available for home streaming soon after its theatrical release, which has been interpreted by many as a vote of no confidence by its distributor.)

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In Pulpy L.A. Noir ‘Under The Silver Lake,’ A Man Chases Signs And Portents

The first time I saw David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, I was, like so many others, bewildered. It was a movie that only made sense on a macro level, zoomed out, like an impressionist painting. I went home and found a bonanza of websites trying to decipher the movie’s puzzling structure and meaning. I could see how someone would spend hours, days, years trying to parse every scene for clues, an endless quest with nearly no purpose and an even smaller chance of success.

That’s the sort of world in which Andrew Garfield’s Sam finds himself in the film Under the Silver Lake: a world of pop culture and codes, of secrets in songs. He keeps a log tracking Vanna White’s eye movements through years of Wheel of Fortune and lives in a forest of movie posters, from Rear Window to The Wolfman. He’s moved to Los Angeles with seemingly no job and a few loose friends. He overlooks a pool and watches women constantly; the struggling actress he sleeps with, his older neighbor who toplessly tends to her bird, and the mysterious blonde, Sarah, played by Riley Keough, who tans next to his apartment’s pool.

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