UK to tackle danger of solar wind and find new Earth-like planets

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UK to tackle danger of the solar wind and find new Earth

New national space funding worth ‘7 million will ensure UK scientists play a leading role in a new space weather mission, the Science Minister Chris Skidmore announced on the first day of British Science Week (8 March).

The new funding from the UK Space Agency brings the total UK investment in the SMILE instruments to ’10 million and will build on the significant expertise found in universities across the country in the design and development of cutting-edge space science.

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The Science Minister also announced the UK’s agreement with partners including the European Space Agency in a second mission, called Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO), which will search for Earth-like planets orbiting alien stars.

Our space weather mission will venture deeper into space than any other here’s what it could achieve

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How artificially brightened clouds could stop climate change

In fact, pressure built up over centuries beneath this dormant volcano caused the second largest eruption of the 20th Century, spewing vast amounts of white ash and sulphates as high as the stratosphere ‘ 10 km above the Earth’s surface.

Around 15-17 million tonnes of this volcanic material spread into a lazy haze covering much of the globe. During the following 15 months, scientists discovered a second surprise: this particle cloud had formed a protective sun-shield, reflecting a significant proportion of the sun’s rays back into space.

As a result, the average global temperature that year dropped by 0.6C. And for some researchers, that raised an interesting possibility.

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