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Ufos The Greatest Story Never Told

Greetings Earthlings: There is no spoon or AI. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Guess what. I dropped it.

Some hidden links were discovered.

Drones Are the New Flying Saucers
on 16th of Jan 2019 The best we can do is to mitigate this natural tendency . Perhaps the clearest solution to the conflation of drones and UFOs comes from technical drone identification methods, which might

The Most Interesting Conspiracy-Related Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
Jan 17th, 2019 01:36 UTC The best conspiracy theory podcasts strike a balance . A good conspiracy theory is arguing over whether all UFOs are extra-terrestrial intergalactic spacecraft or just secret military vehicles.

The cast of Roswell, New Mexico is obsessed with aliens
on 16th of Jan 2019 But you probably also think about Rowell, New Mexico, a town best known for UFO sightings and the possibility of a governmental alien cover-up in the 1940s. Now in 2019, you may think of Roswell, New

Should You Watch … History Channel’s UFO Show?
(Jan 2019) Hynek is, by all accounts, the forefather of credible scientific research into UFOs, and created the “close encounter . What, exactly, would be the best approach for History to take with Project Blu

‘Project Blue Book’: Robert Zemeckis UFO Drama Takes Flight On History
(Jan 2019) The series stars Aidan Gillen as a brilliant professor recruited by the U.S. Air Force to spearhead the military’s clandestine investigations into reports of UFOs . actor best known as the

‘Project Blue Book’: Michael Malarkey on Learning the True Stories Behind UFO Investigations
(Jan 2019) Their relationship is one of the best things about this show . Even last night, I was watching a UFO documentary. I’ve been watching them obsessively since we wrapped. For me, a lot of

The truth is out there: Here are the 10 best episodes of ‘The X-Files’
(Jan 2019) You won’t find this episode on many best-of lists, but it’s one of our personal favorites . that The X-Files wasn’t just going to be about alien investigations and UFO sightings. A tone-shifter that

UFO and ex-Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker was born on this day in 1955
(Jan 2019) Schenker left Scorpions and became a member of highly influential hard rock band UFO. Renowned for his style and recognized for his use of the visually striking Flying V guitar, Schenker is usually ra

System Unknown
I hear drums and engines

The shortest distance between 2 points is a happy monster.