UFO Sightings Will Soon Peak. Don’t Blame The Government

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However, before you start to panic, know that the bright light is nothing more than a close planet coming back into view after a while behind the Sun.

It is, of course, super-bright planet Venus and’for a limited time only’it can be seen with the hardest-to-see tiny planet Mercury.

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Venus has been hidden for a while observable only before dawn for much of 2019, and until recently lost in sunlight. UFO Sightings Will Soon Peak. Don't Blame The Government Sightings Will Soon Peak. Don't Blame The Government. 39 min ago Forbes - Jamie Carter. Don't worry, that bright light on the horizon is not a flying saucer. More stories about Don't. How you can hang out in the real set of 'Friends' for the holidays. It reached what astronomers call ‘superior conjunction’ (when it appears to go behind the Sun from our point of view on Earth) back in mid-August, but it’s only now beginning to move away from the glare of the setting Sun. The same goes for Mercury, which was hidden by the Sun’s glare completely during its superior conjunction on September 4.

Publisher: Forbes
Date: 2019-09-13
Author: Jamie Carter
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UFO sighting: Glowing object over Ukraine ‘could be TR

He added: ‘For a few seconds it kind of looks like a disc in places and there are a few seconds where this UFO looks triangular in shape.

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‘This might be one of those top-secret Russian flying objects. Flipboard: UFO Sightings Will Soon Peak. Don’t Blame The ... - Jamie Carter If you venture outside around dusk this fall and look due west, you could be in for the sight of your life. You're likely see a very bright light close to the horizon just after sunset. It's for this reason that sightings of UFOs will surely peak between over the next few months. Maybe Russia has now of those top-secret TR-3Bs flying around.

‘Whatever America has, the Russians and China have only a few months later, as they are always hacking everything.’

‘Militaries around the world have these incredible new secret aircraft built using alien technology.

‘US space agency NASA worked with the Russians during the covert Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions, which recovered a lot of alien technology from some crashed ships on the moon.

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Meditating for aliens

Special report: ‘Chosen ones’ of apocalyptic group relaxed about recent raids at Nakhon Sawan meeting spot

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“Could a star do that? Could a plane do that?” asks Ann Thongcharoen, 28, after seeing a light shining through the clouds on top of Khao Kala mountain in Nakhon Sawan province.

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Ann is a member of UFO Kaokala, a group that meditates beneath a sculpture of a Buddha adorned with a seven-headed snake on Khao Kala mountain in the hopes of receiving messages from aliens on Pluto.

The aliens, they say, are delivering messages to help them save humanity in the event of an impending nuclear disaster, which they say is likely to happen in 2022.

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Historic Hysteria: UFO spotted in arboretum

Due to a tough Hillsdale aca’demic schedule, I realized I won’t be able to attend the upcoming rush of Area 51. Instead of falling into a pit of alien-absent dev’as’tation, I decided to see if Hillsdale had an Area 51 or at least an area of alien activity of its own.

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A dra’matic ren’dition of the sighting was written by Gidget Kohn and later repub’lished in The Col’legian on April 10, 1997.’

The story begins, ‘UFO! The scream echoed down the hall of the second floor east wing of the New Women’s Dorm.’

The story con’tinued, ‘I ran to my window and there it was, radi’ating intense silver-white light and heading directly for the dorm. A brief flash of lighting illu’mi’nated it for just a second and in that moment I saw what appeared to be a squashed football or bas’ketball.’

Publisher: Hillsdale Collegian
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Author: Callie Shinkle
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