UFO over NM skies getting international attention

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What was supposed to be a normal flight to Phoenix, when over the skies of New Mexico, an American Airlines pilot reported something unusual.

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“Whatever it was these two pilots saw on Sunday, February 21, 2021, at about 1:19 p.m., 12:15 Mountain (time) is unknown, truly unknown,” Linda Moulton Howe said.

She is a filmmaker, author and woman who researches UFOs. She says she does not believe what the pilots saw was a missile.

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Roswell UFO crash debris is still out there, expert claims as probe reveals ‘something really hot’ smashed into desert

The astonishing revelation is made in a startling new six-part documentary which sets out to get the bottom of the world’s most baffling UFO mystery.

Former CIA operative Ben Smith has been called in to work with a team of top experts to find out exactly what happened in New Mexico in July, 1947.

And he exclusively told The Sun Online he believes debris from the crash could still be buried in the sand just waiting to be found.

Ben has teamed up with geophysicists and ufologists for ‘Roswell: The First Witness’, which starts on February 9 as part of Sky History’s Mystery Season.

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20 surprising facts about UFOs that are out of this world

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11 Objects Mistaken for UFOs

If an object has appeared in the sky, you can assume it’s been mistaken for a UFO. It doesn’t matter if the culprit is as small as an insect or as familiar as the moon’under the right circumstances, almost anything can resemble an alien spacecraft. While we wait for evidence of visitors from outer space, check out these examples of identified objects mistakenly reported as UFOs.

Goodyear’s blimp is iconic, but that didn’t stop it from being mistaken for a UFO in September 2020. While flying over MetLife Stadium during a football game, it caught the attention of many confused eyewitnesses on the ground. Videos from the incident show cars pulled over on the side of the highway as drivers gawk at the object. Shortly after the sightings went viral, the aircraft’s true identity was revealed.

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FTSE 100 buoyed by strong start on Wall Street as Dow adds more than 600 points

The UK’s blue chip index was supported by a soaring Wall Street as Dow Jones climbs by more than 600 points

London’s leading index closed Monday 105 points up, 1.6%, at 6,589, while the FTSE 250 improved 311 points, 1.5%, to 21,221.

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In the US, the Dow roared nearly 650 points higher, 2.1%, to 31,585 at midday. The Nasdaq jumped 344’points, 2.6%, to 13,536, and the S&P 500 improved 87 points, 2.3%, to 3,898.

“Stocks are recouping some of the losses that were seen last week as optimism in relation to the Biden administration introducing the stimulus plan has lifted sentiment,” Madden wrote. “‘Equities are also being assisted by the dip in bond yields. The ISM manufacturing reading for February was 60.8, up from 58.7 in January. ‘It was the fastest rate of expansion since August 2018.”

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