UFO-like remnant of communism’s past deteriorates

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UFO-like remnant of communism’s past deteriorates‘USA TODAY .

The crumbling oval skeleton of the House of the Bulgarian Communist Party stands on Mount Buzludzha, Sept. 27. 2018, in Kazanluk, Bulgaria, prior to the inspection by a group from Europa Nostra, which works to protect and celebrate Europe’s cultural and natural heritage.


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In case you are keeping track:

John le Carr’, hunting Nazis and the moral contradictions of the cold war

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Struggling U.S. Farmers Have a New Worry: a Resurgent Russia

OTRADNAYA, Russia’Vladimir Mishurov transformed the remnants of the ‘Lenin’s Path’ collective farm in this village into a profitable business. He also helped make Russia the world’s largest wheat exporter for the first time since the last years of the czars.

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Cuba’s leadership change looks unlikely to result in economic liberalisation

Despite much speculation, the ascension of a new president in Cuba is unlikely to usher in holistic economic change as the country’s political apparatus will surely impede wholesale reform

For the first time since New Year’s Day 1959, the head of state of the Caribbean island nation of Cuba is someone outside the Castro family. The appointment of Miguel D’az-Canel to the presidency has fuelled speculation about the future of the country and its economy. The past 10 years have already shown a degree of willingness within the Cuban establishment to implement some much-needed economic reforms, and new leadership provokes questions about a possible acceleration of the reform process.

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