U.S.-European Sea Level Satellite Gears Up for Launch

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Publisher: NASA
Date: 2020-10-15T23:19-04:00
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U.S.-European Sea Level Satellite Gears Up for Launch

Surviving the bone-rattling vibrations and sounds of launch atop a Falcon 9 rocket is just the start of the mission. Once in orbit some 830 miles (1,336 kilometers) above Earth, Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich has the task of collecting sea level measurements with an accuracy of a few centimeters (for a single measurement) for more than 90% of the world’s oceans. And it will be making those measurements while repeatedly flying through an area of intense radiation known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, which can scramble electronics.

That’s why engineers and researchers have put Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich through a battery of tests to ensure that the spacecraft will survive launch and the harsh environment of space. But how will the mission pull the rest of it off? With sophisticated instruments, global navigation satellites, and lasers – lots of lasers. They’ll all work in concert to enable the spacecraft to carry out its task of observing the ocean.

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World’s Latest Earth-Observing Satellite, Sentinel

(NASA) ‘ On Nov. 10, the world’s latest Earth-observing satellite will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

As a historic U.S.-European partnership, the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich spacecraft will begin a five-and-a-half-year prime mission to collect the most accurate data yet on the global sea level and how our oceans are rising in response to climate change.

The mission will also collect precise data of atmospheric temperature and humidity that will help improve weather forecasts and climate models.

The spacecraft is named after Dr. Michael Freilich, the former director of NASA’s Earth Science Division and a tireless advocate for advancing satellite measurements of the ocean.

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Date: 2020-10-05T04:00:29Z
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NASA Invites Media to Launch of Sentinel

Media interested in attending this launch must apply by 4 p.m. EDT Sunday, Sept. 27. Media accreditation requests should be submitted online at:

NASA is proactively monitoring the coronavirus situation as it evolves. The agency will continue to follow guidance from local officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the agency’s chief health and medical officer and communicate any updates that may impact mission planning or media access, as they become available.

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich is named in honor of the former director of NASA’s Earth Science Division, who was instrumental in advancing ocean altimetry. It follows the most recent U.S.-European sea level observation satellite, Jason-3, which launched in 2016 and currently is providing high-precision and’timely observations of the topography of the global ocean.

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100 Days Over the South Pole

Christopher Walker had visited Antarctica for more than a decade before its frustrations finally turned him gray. From 1994 to 2005, the University of Arizona astronomer traveled to the South Pole during most southern summers to install and service a telescope that studied the interstellar medium’the wisps of gas and dust that permeate the space between the stars.

In October 2011, though, Walker led a team to Antarctica to deploy a new telescope to study that space’except this time it wouldn’t be installed on the icy terrain, it would be high above it, carried aloft by a giant helium-filled balloon. Eight times the team trudged to the launch pad outside McMurdo Station, the continent’s largest settlement, arriving in the middle of the night (although the sun was up around the clock) for hours of system checks and other preparations before an early morning launch attempt. Stiff breezes scrubbed the first seven tries.

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Jobs in the Army

Administrative Specialists record, store, organize and maintain files. They type letters, reports and official orders, and schedule training and leave for unit personnel.’

Finance Specialists compute payroll and prepare payments for Army personnel. They also record details of financial transactions and plans budgets for future expenses.’

Aviation Operations Specialists prepare and provide flight information for air and ground crews. They keep flight logs and plan flight schedules and aircrew assignments.’

Legal Specialists assist judges, lawyers and unit commanders with legal matters and judicial work. They also process legal claims and appeals, and research court decisions and Army regulations.’

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