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Two Nasa Astronauts Are Taking A Spacewalk Today Watch It Live

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NASA’s new flying robot gets its first hardware check in space
on 19th of May 2019 Two of the robots, Bumble and Honey, were launched to the space station on Apr. 17. NASA posted a photo of astronaut Anne McClain, who performed the first series of tests on Astrobee, which included

Apollo 10 Gave NASA The Chutzpah To Meet JFK’s Lunar Challenge
(May 2019) However, it did enable NASA to fulfill President John F . With the Sun only 15 degrees above the horizon, the two astronauts headed West. They began photographing landmarks along an imaginary line

Ariana Grande visits NASA ahead of Houston show
(May 2019) Grande’s “thank u, next” album features a song called “NASA.” Her friend can be heard playing it while astronaut Grande laughs . Grande’s current tour is here Sunday and features two hours of hits,

White House wants $1.6 billion extra for NASA to accelerate astronaut return to the Moon
(May 2019) . that NASA officials have been crafting for the last two months, along with input from the White House. The additional funds are meant to help NASA meet Pence’s challenge of sending astronauts back

NASA teams up with SpaceX, Blue Origin to design a human lunar lander
(May 2019) In addition, the lander must also have a descent element that can carry the astronauts to the lunar surface and an ascent element that can ferry them back up to the Gateway. Finally, NASA wants the ..

NASA Experiments With Growing Bigger Plants In Space
May 20th, 2019 00:24 UTC All units contain red romaine lettuce seeds and were placed in the two ISS vegetable production systems known . during the first PONDS experiment was adequately addressed. NASA astronaut Christina

NASA Astronaut Reflects On 10-Year Anniversary Of Final Mission To Repair Hubble Space Telescope
(May 2019) NASA Astronaut Mike Good knows that feeling . firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in Middle River. The two-alarm fire was reported in the unit block of Torque Way.

NASA’s Artemis Mission Aims to Put a Woman on The Moon in Five Years
(May 2019) women astronauts will be at the forefront of these exciting plans. This announcement comes on the heels of NASA’s failed all-woman space walk, which was canceled in March after it turned out that

NASA invests in AI astronauts and autonomous lunar landers
(May 2019) Phase II contracts, which last for two years and carry a maximum funding . To that end, NASA SBIR solicitations must identify potential non-NASA applications for their proposed technologies as well.

Swedish-Israeli NASA astronaut ready for her first space trip
(May 2019) It took Meir three tries to be chosen for NASA’s highly selective astronaut training program, which she started in 2013 and from which she graduated two years later. Last month, NASA announced that

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