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The Dutch went first in 2001; who has same
(Apr 2021) Twenty years ago, just after the stroke of midnight on April 1, the mayor of Amsterdam married four couples in City Hall as the Netherlands became the first country in the

What we know about the probe into sex abuse allegations against former Boston police union boss Patrick Rose
on 12th of Apr 2021 The Boston Globe reported over the weekend that Patrick M. Rose Sr., the former Boston police union president who’s currently jailed on child sex abuse charges, was accused previously of molesting a

Deshaun Watson’s Attorney Says Qb Had Previous Massages That Ended in Consensual Sex
(Apr 2021) Rusty Hardin, lawyer for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, acknowledged his client had consensual sexual encounters with massage therapists in

Matt Gaetz Ally Expects to Plead Guilty in Sex
(Apr 2021) A former Florida tax collector who’s a political ally of U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz is likely to plead guilty in a child sex-trafficking and identity-theft case, a move that could pose a legal

Gaetz associate likely to strike plea deal with prosecutors in sex trafficking case
(Apr 2021) A prosecutor and a lawyer for Joel Greenberg revealed in court Thursday that they are having plea discussions, a potentially ominous sign for the congressman if his associate ultimately cooperates

A Look at the Workplace Sex Harassment Claims Against Cuomo
(Apr 2021) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing allegations that he sexually harassed or behaved inappropriately toward a half-dozen women who worked with him.

Amid sex trafficking probe, Matt Gaetz tests the limits of the Trump playbook
(Apr 2021) As federal agents investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz in a sex trafficking probe, the scandal is fast becoming an inflection moment for the post-Trump Republican Party.

House Ethics panel opens investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz as he faces sex
(Apr 2021) The events show that Trump has maintained his status as the party’s central figure . to represent him as he faces a federal investigation of possible sex trafficking of a minor, a Gaetz spokeswoman

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