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Twitch Streamer Alinity Reveals A Little Too Much On Stream

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Streaming star Ludwig said he was suspended from YouTube days after signing an exclusive deal with the platform to abandon Twitch
on 03rd of Dec 2021 The Twitch-turned-YouTube influencer Ludwig Ahgren said his stream was suspended only a few days after he switched to streaming on YouTube.

Up all night with a Twitch millionaire: The loneliness and rage of the Internet’s new rock stars
(Dec 2021) Twitch streamers like Tyler Steinkamp broadcast the intimate details of their lives for an unforgiving crowd. The pressure is fueling major burnout among the Internet’s new rock stars.

All high-profile streamers to leave Twitch for YouTube Gaming
(Dec 2021) Both Twitch and YouTube are vying for the exclusive broadcasting rights of various popular content creators, some of whom are worth millions of dollars in revenue to a platform. It all started when

Ludwig, the streamer who broke the all-time Twitch subs record this year, is moving to YouTube Gaming
(since Nov, 2021) Ludwig Ahgren, a streamer perhaps best known for his month-long subathon that took place earlier this year, is moving from Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. Ahgrens

FIFA 22 Streamer Castro1021 Gets Banned Live on Twitch From FUT Transfer Market
on 03rd of Dec 2021 Castro1021 received a message on Ultimate Team, while live, permanently banning him from the FUT transfer market.

You can now watch Twitch with a bunch of your friends using Apple SharePlay
(Dec 2021) Twitch, the popular livestreaming app, has just become the latest app to receive an update unlocking Apple’s new SharePlay feature. SharePlay will now let you watch your favorite streamer with up to

Variety’s Hitmakers With Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, Lana Del Rey to Stream on Amazon Music’s Twitch
(Dec 2021) Variety’s “On the Carpet” pre-show from its fifth annual Hitmakers event, presented by Peacock and “Girls5eva,” will be streamed exclusively on Variety.com and on Amazon Music’s Twitch page starting

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