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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Sexy Pre-Show Video That Brings All the Boys to the Yard
(Feb 2021) In celebration of her TikTok Tailgate concert before Sunday’s Super Bowl, Miley Cyrus posted a video of her sexy pre-show routine on Tuesday night (Feb. 9). “PRE SHOW VIDEO I SEND TO EVERY BOY I KNOW,

TikTok scholar explains ‘beer goggles’ and how they alter sex appeal: ‘Alcohol is absolutely amazing’
(Feb 2021) Alcohol is absolutely amazing,” leading science commentator Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki said in a now-viral info-vid shared to his verified TikTok account.  “It can strip oil stains off a garage floor, but

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Talk Making Beautiful Music With Sexy New Duet, ‘Chasing After You’
(Feb 2021) That uncertainly and yearning is captured perfectly on “Chasing After You,” Hurd’s new duet with Morris, out today. “It really reminds Ryan and I of the beginning of our relationship,” Morris tells

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