Turning Science Into A Brand Is A Good Thing

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Branding is one of those somewhat scary sounding, somewhat mysterious marketing words that we don’t really like to think about because we usually don’t like to think of ourselves as marketers. But when it comes to science communication, it’s basically all marketing all the time. We’re trying to sell the value of science to the public. We’re trying to convince people to invest in science. We’re trying to inform people that science is a useful and important part of their lives.

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Branding is actually a relatively straightforward concept. It’s what the customer thinks about your product. What kind of emotions they associate with it. What kind of imagery. What kind of value they place on it. Branding is something that always evolves with time – a brand is never fixed.

  • Publisher: Forbes
  • Date: 2019-02-11
  • Author: Paul M Sutter
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