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Trumps Nasa Budget Will Take Us From Moon To Mars Agency Chief Says

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Will NASA’s Rush to Land Astronauts on the Moon Get Us to Mars Any Faster?
(May 2019) . give a similarly historic speech declaring NASA’s goals for human exploration of Mars with a concrete timeline. Trump’s 2020 NASA Budget Will Take US from Moon to Mars, Agency Chief Says NASA

Trump wants to shift $1.6B in Pell Grant funds for NASA’s mission to moon, then Mars
(May 2019) President Donald Trump has proposed an update to his 2020 budget . NASA astronauts back to the Moon, and then eventually onto Mars “and the broader solar system.” Related: Pence calls for more

President Trump to ask for an additional $1.6 billion to fund NASA’s moon 2024 plan
(May 2019) The additional money would help NASA develop a commercial lunar lander for humans three years earlier than planned, funnel more money into the Space Launch System rocket being built to take . Moon,

NASA: Budget boost ‘good start’ to put astronauts on moon
(May 2019) (AP) — NASA’s chief said Tuesday that the Trump administration’s proposed $1.6 billion budget boost . NASA to accelerate its moon-landing program, moving it up from 2028 to 2024. NASA has

The uphill battle NASA faces to sell its Moon plan to Congress
(May 2019) US politics are very different now, and it’s unlikely that NASA will see such a huge increase to its budget this time . wants to build around the Moon called Gateway. Image: NASA The bad news,

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