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Jimmy Carter

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15 of the most famous celebrity twins
(since Jul, 2021) Cole stars in “Riverdale” and appeared in the movie “Five Feet Apart.” He’s set to co-star with Lana Condor in the 2022 space rom-com “Moonshot.” Dylan is starring in the upcoming Mindy Kaling series

Is there a way to avoid doing stupid things in your old age?
(since Jul, 2021) I was looking for something to make me smile and laugh out loud on a lazy hot summer day, and decided that Steven Petrow’s new book, Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old: A Highly Judgmental,

The World Needs a Heavy Hitter on the Pandemic. Bush Has Done It Before.
(since Jul, 2021) The world remembers W. for Iraq. But Mr. Bush was also the first global health president. Millions of people know that they owe their lives, and the lives of loved ones, to PEPFAR — the U.S. President

‘Hannity’ on infrastructure bill, Rand Paul wanting to investigate Fauci
(since Jul, 2021) Anthony flip-flop Fauci is once again back in the news after Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is also a medical doctor, confronted Fauci about his deceptive testimony surrounding what we’ve

Which footballers have competed at the summer Olympics in other sports?
(since Jul, 2021) Plus: missing two penalties in a shootout, more managers crossing derby divides and low-scoring Golden Boot winners

‘Your World’ on Blue Origin historic flight, infrastructure bill
(since Jul, 2021) What we’re doing and what Blue Origin is doing with the new Shepard vehicles is what Alan Shepard did, the first American in space. It’s called a suborbital spaceflight. You go up into space, but you

The definitive oral history of how Trump took over the GOP, as told to us by Cruz, Rubio, and 20 more insiders
(since Jul, 2021) Trump became the king of the Republicans five years ago this week. We spoke to Cruz, Rubio, and many others who had front-row seats to the coronation.

The music is back! Our guide to fall concerts in Austin
(since Jul, 2021) Music tours are returning in full force to Austin this fall, from arenas and amphitheaters to music halls and clubs, plus festivals big and small.

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