Tom Hanks Chet Hanks White Boy Summer LA. Chet Hanks is taking his viral “White Boy Summer” declaration to a whole new level —with a

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[ Tom Hanks’ controversial son Chet Hanks films video for his ‘White Boy Summer’ brand in LA ]

Tom Hanks’ eccentric and controversial son Chet Hanks has begun filming a video for his conceptual brand ‘White Boy Summer’ ‘ a play on Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer.”

The 30-year-old actor and self-proclaimed rapper ‘ who used to go by the name”Chet Haze’ ‘ was spotted filming in a black porsche and cuddling up to a bikini-clad video vixen while on set in LA.’

Though he has tried to clarify that the title of his ‘movement’ is not racial in nature, and that he’s not talking about ‘Trump and Nascar type white,’ the name still raises eyebrows despite his assertion that it is about ‘good vibes.’

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Many things are taking place:

Chet Hanks films ‘White Boy Summer’ movie amid abuse accusations

Chet Hanks is taking his viral ‘White Boy Summer’ declaration to a whole new level ‘with a movie.

‘It’s everybody’s summer. This is all inclusive. This is everybody,’ Chet said. ‘For me, for me, since I’m a white boy, it’s gonna be a white boy summer. You know what I mean?’

Despite facing heat for using the ‘White Boy Summer’ phrase ‘ his controversial take on rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s’‘Hot Girl Summer’ song ‘ Chet doubled down on his right to free speech.

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Video surfaces of bloodied Chet Hanks amid contentious split with girlfriend

Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, is seen with what appears to be blood on his face as he films the clip, which was published Wednesday by TMZ.

His ex, Kiana Parker, denies attacking him with a knife and claims in the video that Hanks ‘pushed’ her, which he denies.

‘She’s mad ’cause I caught her stealing,’ Hanks, 30, claims to the camera. ‘Stealing my money. Taking my credit cards and charging her rent to ’em.’

* * *

Hanks, who is an actor and musical artist, says the footage is from an incident at his house in Sugarland, Texas, on Jan. 8, according to TMZ.

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Chet Hanks claims ex-girlfriend ‘attacked him’

Parker’s attorney, D’Angelo Lowe, told TMZ that Parker is under a doctor’s care at the moment and that she has contacted Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson about the restraining order she is trying to make permanent.

TMZ reported that Parker claimed she went to Hanks’s home to collect her belongings and that he began ‘antagonising her and grabbed a knife in a menacing way’.

The report said: ‘That’s when she says she grabbed a pot in self-defence and swung it… She claims he chased her out to the street, where she says he attacked her.’

Chet Hanks’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told the publication that ‘Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, while Ms Parker was accompanied by a huge male carrying a gun’.

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