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Greetings Earthlings: Servers on reboot. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Dude, there was a blue light over there just now.

Some hidden links were discovered.

How Skywatch Bird Rescue is giving birds a second chance to soar
Jul 24th, 2021 09:48 UTC Skywatch Bird Rescue is a facility that rescues, rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for birds and also educates the public on these feathered friends. What You Need to Know The rescue center was

Who is Harry Dank and why is he trending?
Jul 24th, 2021 08:25 UTC HARRY Dank has become a viral sensation for just being himself. Dank started trending following the 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony after being seen live on NBC. Who is Harry Dank and why is

DONNIE JOHNSTON: Latest conspiracy theory is for the birds
(Jul 2021) FINALLY, there’s a conspiracy theory that I can view with some credence. While the Republicans are refusing to take the COVID vaccine because they are sure it contains a chip by which the government

The LBJ Library’s New Lady Bird Exhibit Is a Delight
(Jul 2021) The former first lady is best known for her love of wildflowers, but this peaceful, dreamy show reveals much more.

Curious about that bird singing in your backyard? This app is like Shazam, but for bird sounds
(Jul 2021) A bird watching app is suddenly popular thanks to a new feature: the ability to identify the type of bird singing! It’s basically Shazam, but for bird sounds. Follow Rich DeMuro

Summer is wardrobe time for birds
on 23rd of Jul 2021 It’s that time of year again. As birds wrap up parental duties, they go shopping for new clothes. Mid-June into early September is the time to molt for most small birds. While many undergo a limited

This terrible bird is destroying top-tier Pokémon in Unite
on 23rd of Jul 2021 Before Pokémon Unite, I didn’t care about the Pokémon called Cramorant. The bird-like flying-water type was released in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and besides a funny gimmick where it carried Pikachu,

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Aliens visited Earth seeking intelligent life. Returned home quite impressed by dogs.

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