Tik Tokking MIT News. In most of their videos, the brothers sport white lab coats embroidered with their names.

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[ Tik-Tokking all about science – MIT News ]

Their community of fans range from middle schoolers to professional scientists, and the brothers often field questions about attending MIT, applying to colleges, and being Black in STEM. In most of their videos, the brothers sport white lab coats embroidered with their names.

Malik and Miles graduated as co-valedictorians from their high school in Woodbridge, New Jersey, before matriculating together to MIT, where they are both majoring in biological engineering and minoring in African and African diaspora studies. Now, seeing the success of their new social media account, they have big plans for what to do next: launching a STEM education and outreach initiative, offering fun, immersive remote programming for students of all ages.

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Announcing the MIT Technology Review Covid Inequality Fellowships

Early in the pandemic, some headlines argued that covid-19 was the great equalizer’because anyone, no matter their circumstance, could catch it. In reality, it was clear that the virus was affecting some groups of Americans in disproportionate, devastating ways.’

We know many of the reasons, including frontline jobs that expose workers to the virus, economic stresses, unstable housing and unequal health care that leads to worse outcomes. But there’s much more to learn, and much more to do about it.

To help explore these issues and help people’s stories get told, we’ve joined with the Heising Simons Foundation to create five MIT Technology Review Covid Inequality Fellowships.

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Could Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chips make us all as smart as he is?

Elon Musk’s brain isn’t like most people’s. When he isn’t content with how something works, he reinvents it: cars, rockets ‘ and now, cities. This week, he announced he’s planning a new town in south Texas called ‘Starbase.’

The idea is to take over the unincorporated seaside village of Boca Chica, a kind of mini Texan Cape Canaveral some 355 miles from Austin, where his SpaceX already has a massive rocket facility. It’s all part of his mission to bring humans to Mars in this decade. (Even if, this week, one of the prototype Starship rockets went up in flames during a test flight, a not-unexpected part of working out the kinks.)

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MIT energy startup homes in on fusion, with plans for 47

The scientists behind energy startup Commonwealth Fusion Systems looked at more than a dozen sites across many states to build their first campus before settling on one less than an hour’s drive from MIT, the university where the company was born.

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CFS, as it’s known, plans to announce on Wednesday that it will build the campus on a 47-acre site in Devens, on land currently owned by MassDevelopment. Construction is slated to begin this spring. The heavily funded company would move there from two offices it uses in Cambridge, as soon as late 2022. Initially, CFS has plans to build a 165,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and headquarters, and a 150,000-square-foot research center. The company’s workforce could double from 150 people today to 300 by 2025, when the research center would be done.

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