This is the most detailed view ever of a developing mouse

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These color-coded mouse embryos represent a breakthrough for understanding early mammalian development. A powerful new computer-assisted microscope has for the first time let researchers observe how a mouse embryo develops primitive organs, following the fate of individual cells along the way.

The microscope, described today in Cell, shines a sheet of laser light through the embryo, allowing researchers to see the cells deep inside. Earlier versions of the microscope were able to analyze zebrafish and fruit fly embryos, but mouse embryos are much more difficult. They are not only harder to keep alive in the lab, they are also much larger’making it much more difficult to see all the way through them. The microscope uses new machine learning techniques’a form of artificial intelligence in which computers learn from data’to track the embryo and keep it in focus as it drifts in its culture medium and grows by an order of magnitude from day 6 to day 8 of development. It also uses advanced algorithms to sort through millions of images to track cells as they move and divide.

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How This Executive Spearheaded The Largest M&A In Williams

Seasoned business strategist, executive, Clark Atlanta University and Harvard Business School alumna, Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado successfully secured one of the largest tech M&As that Williams-Sonoma has ever seen. The Vice President and Head of Strategy & Business Development led the deal for WSI’s groundbreaking $112M technology acquisition, Outward Inc. Williams-Sonoma acquired the digital imaging company with the intention to help their Pottery Barn and West Elm customers visualize how furniture would look in their homes.

Previously, Varnado fostered in-depth consumer and retail-based expertise across management consulting, investment banking on Wall Street and product management roles, providing her with the capabilities to bring the full power of WSI’s products and services to customers in a unique and meaningful way. Not stopping her momentum, Varnado is currently spearheading major strategic initiatives to integrate the company’s competitive and global platforms, ensuring the WSI’s success ahead of current retail shifts. I spoke with Varnado about her landing the Outward Inc. M&A, her career journey, the importance of mentorship and the technology business landscape.

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Investigative reporter Craig Unger: ‘Trump has had contacts with the Russian mafia for 35 years’

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In a stunning coup of investigative journalism, the New York Times recently presented evidence that Donald Trump has been’one of the largest tax cheats in recent American history. Before becoming president, Trump apparently evaded hundreds of’millions of dollars in taxes. The Times also discovered that, far from being a “self-made man,” Donald Trump was the beneficiary of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax fraud, gifts, inheritances, and other tax-free money from his father.

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Mathias Cormann: the ‘state of the service’ is strong

This is the ‘APSwide conference’keynote address, delivered by Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance and the Public Service on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 in Canberra.

While Cormann has addressed the Australian Public Service many times in his role as Finance Minister, this was his first outing as Public Service Minister. Like the address from APS Commissioner Peter Woolcott, Cormann discussed the advancing changes in society that necessitate change in the APS, and reinforced the need for the public sector to be in tune with the public it serves.

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This is the most detailed view ever of a developing mouse
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