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This Is Our Only Image Of The Suns North Pole

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How understanding sun angles clarifies the character of the seasons and their weather
Sep 23rd, 2019 09:22 UTC Noticing differences in sun angle with time of year and location aids our knowledge . on that day is only 43.5 degrees. Even places on the equator have a lower noon sun angle, 66.5 degrees, than

NASA captured the moment that an incredible ice avalanche tumbled across the surface of Mars
(Sep 2019) The avalanche was caused by the thawing of Mars’ North Pole caps, which takes place every spring — the planet’s seasons are twice as long as Earth’s.

How summer 2019 was hellish for the Arctic, the frontline of climate change and global warming
(Sep 2019) With the arrival of the autumn, the region will set into darkness and the ice and sun will have a truce after another . the permanent military base of Alert at only 900 kilometres from the North

Portable igloos designed to let holidaymakers sleep at the North Pole
Sep 23rd, 2019 04:30 UTC The pods would be relocated to Svalbard for 11 months of the year A helicopter would fly guests, along with their security guards, to and from the North Pole from Svalbard. “All our guests who

Happy Birthday, Bruce Springsteen: 70 Years of Proving It All Night
on 22nd of Sep 2019 I was way up in the nosebleed seats watching the sun set purple over the NYC skyline as he destroyed . Me in New Jersey, on the other hand, was like Santa Claus at the North Pole.” He knew exactly

Astronomy Photographer Of The Year: 32 Cosmic Images That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine
(Sep 2019) “The colours of our atmosphere projected onto the Moon’s disc during the eclipse are not only artistically . this image from Buffalo, New York is a close-up of the solar limb during the present

This igloo-themed hotel is set to open at the North Pole — for $100,000 per person
(Sep 2019) It’s a travel experience so unique that it only takes place during one month each year . said travelers in April can expect “dim and twilighty” daylight hours in the North Pole, where the sun is

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