This Is A Really Strange Development

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This Is A Really Strange Development‘Seeking Alpha

Observing the eurodollar system as I’ve done for so many years, you have to be prepared for curve balls thrown at you. Just when you think you’ve got it clocked (sometimes literally), something changes and it all gets tossed out the window.

About a month ago, the Federal Reserve reported a sharp drop of USTs in custody on behalf of foreign agents. I noted then, and remain convinced now, that was something like a collateral call. It happened the week of April 18.

Not surprisingly, the same data shows over subsequent weeks the amount of USTs in custody continued to decline sharply. The four-week total (through the week of May 9, the latest available) is about -$66 billion. That’s an enormous drop, a level in the same class as other episodes where global liquidity problems were obvious.

Moving on.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

This fertility doctor is pushing the boundaries of human reproduction, with little regulation

NEW YORK ‘ When future historians look back on the 21st century, one of the most iconic photos may be of a smiling, dark-haired man in blue scrubs protectively holding a newborn ‘ the world’s first commercially produced ‘three-parent’ baby.

This is John Zhang, the Chinese-born, British-educated founder and medical director of a Manhattan fertility center that is blowing up the way humans reproduce.

In 2009, Zhang helped a 49-year-old patient become the world’s oldest known woman to carry her own child. In the not-too-distant future, he says, 60-year-old women will be able to do the same.

Can a quantum drum vibrate and stand still at the same time?

Researchers have studied how a ‘drumstick’ made of light could make a microscopic ‘drum’ vibrate and stand still at the same time.

A team of researchers from the UK and Australia have made a key step towards understanding the boundary between the quantum world and our everyday classical world.

Quantum mechanics is truly weird. Objects can behave like both particles and waves, and can be both here and there at the same time, defying our common sense. Such counterintuitive behaviour is typically confined to the microscopic realm and the question “why don’t we see such behaviour in everyday objects?” challenges many scientists today.

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How to make a powerful image with 19-year

In a new series, we speak to the young photographers making a mark online and offline, about studying, social media and creativity vs. commerciality, to better understand what it takes working within one of the most infamously competitive industries.

How and when did you get into photography?I was a pre-teen when I got into photography — I appropriated my mum’s point and shoot one day. I mostly looked at a lot of work for two years, shot landscapes. Then I started taking self-portraits, that stuck.

Do you remember the first time a photographer’s work had a profound effect upon you?I found Laura Zalenga’s self portraits on Flickr. They just innately spoke to me — I was amazed by this surreal universe she was building. It felt like something I had always known, but never seen.

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