There are UFOs in the skies over Central Jersey

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Pat Marcattilio (Dr. UFO) talks about recent UFO footage released by ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science’ Brian Johnston

If you’ve seen something strange in the sky’over Central Jersey ‘ and you haven’t been enjoying an adult beverage or suffering from a lack of sleep ‘ you’re not alone.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center,‘Central Jersey residents have reported seeing objects in the sky that are mystifying and can not be explained. In short, they were seeing unidentified flying objects ‘ UFOs.

Many things are taking place:

How the Green New Deal is shaping the race for president

Even as climate change has rapidly evolved from an abstract threat to a tangible crisis, political candidates have struggled to make it a central focus of campaigns dominated by more immediate voter concerns.

* * *

Climate change issues, and more specifically demands by Democratic activists for policies grouped under the label of a Green New Deal, are fast becoming a marquee issue in the presidential race. Increased voter anxiety over the warming planet and a deft marketing campaign by progressive activists have pushed candidates to take positions substantially bolder and louder than those of past elections.

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NJ weather: Temperatures briefly bump back into the 50s and 60s

Let’s recap the month of February so far, shall we? The weather station at Trenton-Mercer Airport has reported temperatures ranging from 7 degrees (last Friday morning) to 70 degrees (Tuesday afternoon). Quite a range for less than a week’s time, especially considering this is supposed to be our second coldest month of the year!

We’ve got another (brief) warmup on the way, before it starts to feel much more February-ish this weekend.

We had a batch of steady rain push through New Jersey overnight, with the healthiest rainfall totals on the order of a half-inch. No flooding concerns, nothing wintry, and the radar is looking much clearer.

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In This Manhattan Apartment, Every Room Is a Testament to Japanese Tradition

The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s first architectural project in New York City is a defiant celebration of a bygone age.

* * *

THE ORIGINAL IDEA wasn’t very ambitious: a tearoom in an empty apartment. Though not just any tearoom: This would be a tearoom that served as a work of art. The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, 70, had made tearooms before. There is one in his Chelsea studio in New York City; in 2014, he created ‘Mondrian,’ a glass teahouse on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice that debuted during the city’s architecture biennial. The couple who had made the request were devoted collectors of Asian art and already owned works by him. They understood that to Sugimoto, who was born and raised in Tokyo, where he still lives half the year, the tea ceremony is more than just a cultural ritual. As he has written:

Hunterdon Central wrestling wins Top

Every Hunterdon Central wrestler knew it was going to be loud, they all knew what was at stake and they all knew the only way to silence the crowd was to hand the Stateliners their first home loss in four years.

* * *

Hunterdon Central, No. 5 in the Top 20, became the first team to win a dual at the new Phillipsburg High School on Thursday when the Red Devils picked up a 29-27 victory over the seventh-ranked Stateliners in front of big, loud and boisterous crowd that ended a four-year, home winning-streak that started in the final year of The Pit.

Phillipsburg’s first home match at the “new” high school was a 39-30 win over Bound Brook on Jan. 4, 2017.’

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