The Weird and Wonderful Museum for a Beloved Austrian Artist … in New Zealand

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A city of 55,000 people in northern New Zealand that has never made a name for itself abroad might seem a surprising place for an avant-garde architectural masterpiece by one of Central Europe’s greatest 20th-century artists. But by 2020, Whangarei will be home to Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s final architectural design.
Hundertwasser might not be very well known outside Central Europe, but this half-Catholic, half-Jewish Austrian was a visionary when it came to conceptualizing the relationship between humans and their world, and the world and art. Both his paintings and architecture are immensely colorful and full of organically inspired forms

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The Weird and Wonderful Museum for a Beloved Austrian Artist … in New Zealand

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Like’the artist’s work, the center will be both weird and wonderful.’Hundertwasser believed that art must always mirror nature ‘ no straight lines. In his work you’ll find spirals, hand-drawn black-and-white checkerboards, bulbous pillars, onion domes and an iconic New Zealand emblem, the koru (or unfurling silver fern frond). His flagship gallery in Vienna, the KunstHausWien ‘ which perhaps gives the best idea of what the center in Whangarei will be like ‘ has undulating floors, ‘tree tenants’ growing from the building and colorful tiling throughout.’

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As you might have heard, the annual Eurovision Song Contest is currently underway with the final taking place on 12th May. This is the 63rd edition and the first time it’s been held in Portugal. 
With 43 countries participating, there have been plenty of weird and wonderful performances on display. Israel’s entrant ‘ 25-year-old Netta Barzilai ‘ appears to be one of the favourites going through to the grand final with her fittingly obscure, but arguably catchy song, TOY.
Having already racked up millions of views on YouTube, it seems to have caught on with listeners all because Barzilai squawks like a chicken throughout

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